CCU Summer Camp Updates
Camp #1 Starts Tomorrow!

Thanks to all those that have registered, it's great to see us getting back to practice!  We didn't find out our practice times until just two days ago, so we've been rushed to get registration together and put together a schedule for all age groups.  

In following the County and School District guidelines we are able to split the pool into three Camps- each camp with 12 players.  Coaches are assigned to only one camp.
Guidelines that must be followed:
  • Must wear a mask to enter the pool deck
  • Has to wait to enter until all members of the Group have arrived
  • No deck changing or bathroom/locker room changing
  • Show up in swim suit and exit in swim suit
  • Maintain proper social distancing on deck
  • Masks can be removed when ready commence practice
  • No equipment shared, i.e. when we start to use balls each athlete needs his own ball, no passing
There will be a 15 minutes break between each practice group to minimize capacity on the deck.
USAWP added a Covid-19 Waiver Release for each member to complete, please go to and complete.  Must bring a copy and present it your coach.
We may have an additional Waiver Release form to complete through the School District, will forward to you once we receive it.
Groups will be assigned and released later tonight and will be subject to change tomorrow morning.  Once finalized the Groups will stay as is for the next four weeks of Camp #1, there will not be any switching Groups allowed.
If you have any questions or haven't registered as of yet, please contact your age group head coch  But we are extremely limited in acceoting players as we follow the guidelines in place, with limitd pool time. For those players that we have not been able to accomadate- there will be another session in July.
Thanks, and Go CCU!