A HUGE thanks to all of the MAKO parents that took the time to send words of encouragement regarding getting our MAKOS back into the water.  We are so proud of the collective effort it took as well as the ongoing commitment to safety from our MAKO families.  We are...

Essential Swimmers, Essential Coaches, and an Essential Team!!


Thank you so much for today.  I can only imagine how much work went into this.  Today was the reason MAKOS is the best team in Northern Virginia and today was nothing USA Swimming will ever measure or quantify.  Multiple pools...but still one team and one family!!

Heather thank you very much!  COVID has been a challenging time for all of us. As a healthcare professional & parent I have cried many many tears. I appreciated your honest emotion on the parent Zoom call. Thank you for your focus to get our swimmers back in the pool!

We just wanted to pass along a sincere note of appreciation for all of the efforts that you and everyone else involved put forth to get the kids back in the pool.  Your safety precautions are top-notch, something that so many other sports should look to as an example for how to do it right.  My son looks at other sports that are "tugging" on him to come back, but they do not have these same precautions and measures in place and until they do, he has opted to sit out. Written precautions are one thing, your communication and especially the execution have been perfect.  I can't tell for the other sites, but everyone at Lake View shows up prepared and safe.  We just wanted to say "Thanks!"  My son loves swimming and he looks forward to practices knowing that he is going to work his butt off in a very safe environment.

I’m SO glad to have my daughter back in the water!  Our family has been strict about distancing, so I was anxious about how practices would work, but you guys are doing a phenomenal job of keeping everyone safe. Thank you for all the hoops you’ve had to jump through to make it happen!

I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done to get our swimmers back in the water.  The girls said practice was awesome and we were all so impressed with every detail that went into the process.

Thank you, Heather. We are so appreciative of all your work to get the kids back in the water. We can't thank you enough.

My son left the house this morning with the biggest smile on his face. He admits he has a lot of room for improvement, but he’s super excited. Thank you again for all your hard work (along with that of the coaches and admin) to make this happen!! Hope you get a little rest tonight! smiley

Thanks for everything you, the admin, and coaches did to get the kids back to the pool. My kids were so happy and grateful to be back in the water. 

Thank YOU, Heather...we are so appreciative of your hard work in making it happen.  We are so thankful for the coaches and everyone else behind the scenes who have helped make it happen. Loved seeing the kids walking to the pool parking lot today with a pep in their step and big smiles. Thank you for all you's true, it's so much more than a business, or swimming.

Thank you to you and your staff for making this happen!  We truly appreciate your efforts.  Everything was so organized at practice today.  Great job!!

Thank you for making this happen. We are so appreciative to you, admin, and the coaches. It went really well and my son was so happy to get back into the water. 

THANK YOU to you and your team for all of the time and work put in to getting the kids back in the pool. We appreciate you and all you do!

Thanks for all of the hard work you are doing to get these kids in the water.  Having some activities and just the idea of seeing friends is uplifting to my guys!  

Thank you so much for working so hard to get the kids back in the water. I know it cannot have been easy!!! My son is excited to go back as well in the near future!  smiley

Thanks so much for making today happen. My son was thrilled to see friends, Coach Logan and finally feel the water again!

Thank you Heather for all you are doing to help our kids get back in the water - they are all really excited!  And we know you didn't have to do this, so thank you!!  My son was so excited when I dropped him off this morning.

Thanks so much for all the updates and for all the planning and organizing to get things up and running. I hope you and the family have been well these past few (crazy) months.  

I wanted to stop and thank you for the effort and work you have put into making swimming possible for our kids this summer and with Makos.  After witnessing the procedure Tuesday, I was amazed at the lengths you have gone to get our kids in the pool.  My son came out all smiles and said 'That was so much fun'.  I'm sure I don't even know the half of what you have done to make this happen.  

Thanks for all you’re doing to get the kids back in the water and safely!!  We so appreciate and know you’re bringing smiles to all your swimmers. 

Thank you for making this happen. My kids were so happy and excited after they left practice today. They are already talking about Wednesday and can't wait.

We really appreciate all you do.  They are so excited to have Mako Masks.  I love to see my kids so happy and smiling again. 

Good morning - Thanks for all you’re doing to get the kids back in the water and safely!!  We so appreciate and know you’re bringing smiles to all your swimmers.  Thank you!!

Thank you for putting all this together for the kids. I can only imagine the logistics that are swimming in your head right now. Pun intended wink.  Our hats are off to you for an awesome job, indeed!

Morning Coaches!
Just wanted to say thank you for working to keep the kids socially distant and organizing all the kids at different pools, to following the new COVID-19 CDC procedures and for allowing our kids to get back in the water!!  Our swimmer isn't really expressive but let me tell you he was so excited to get back in the water this morning! (And he ever feels that way about swim! Ha) He woke up all by himself this morning, found his swim great and got it on, brushed his teeth, and was ready by 7:30 to go to swim!  Did I mention he did this all by himself w/o me nagging him!  Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder :)
Thank you thank you thank you for this!  Seriously, this might be the only thing that keeps us sane during the summer and allows our kids to feel somewhat normal again.  
Thank you Coach Beth for always loving on the kids and giving them a great hard workout. LOL it's like SwimFit instead of Crossfit :)

Our family is really grateful for all that you have done.  You have been very quick to get things going and I often wonder how you have coordinated everything with such ease.  Our girls were so excited to get back to swimming and especially since their best friends are their swim friends. 

Thank you for offering swim all summer.  Not having our neighborhood team was hard but this has made up for it.  Coach Mike has been great too.  He’s a friendly face that the girls’ missed.   Thank you!