Glenwood Diving: 2020 Dive Season - With a Twist!

Hellloooo Glenwood Diving!

Tiger spirit prevails! We are on for Glenwood Dive 2020 – a team with a twist! Beginning July 6th (that’s MONDAY) we’ve got the go ahead to hold a variation on the traditional dive season. That’s right, we are offering 4 weeks of in-house diving! It’s a chance for our divers to refresh on what they learned in 2019, pick up a few new skills, reconnect with our teammates, and most importantly keep our Glenwood Dive spirit high – from safe distances, until we can blow the doors off in 2021!

Here are the details:

Two sessions will be held Monday-Friday (8:00-8:45am and 8:45-9:30am) with a maximum of 12 divers per session (six per board). After sign up divers may select select THREE sessions that they will stick to for the 4 weeks (this accommodates the rotating schedule on the swim side for our double dippers). For team management, please plan on sticking to your selected schedule for the four weeks.

At practice, divers will arrive ready to dive – in suits and with a face covering in place, and proceed to the dive well promptly at start of the session. Bags will go along the deck and divers will avoid the tables and grassy areas. Please bring your own shammies – they are fine to use but aren’t for sharing this year. Same for towels – everyone uses their own goods. After attendance, divers will line up along the marked 6 ft spacing behind the dive well, and/or in a water line and will do a great job keeping their social distance (this part is actually a 9-10s dive coaches’ dream – MoCo mandated diver distancing)!

Following practice, divers will gather their bags, towels, and shammies and depart through the back gate to the Upper Parking Lot. This flow will help reduce pinch points as the next pool users are coming in. We need to minimize our numbers inside the fence; please plan to drop off divers at the beginning of practice and pick up promptly at completion. Parents of youngest divers may wish to stay; if so, please check in on the preferred location, bring a chair and a face covering, and socially distance per standard Glenwood procedures.

This year won’t be the one to hang out with diver friends outside of practice or hang on our dive coaches on the bench; please plan to attend only assigned sessions. Divers of course, are welcome to see each other again once the pool opens at its normal time.

Registration Details

The 4-week session is $40 and includes a commemorative 2020 Glenwood Tigers Swim & Dive t-shirt.

Before divers report for their first practice, parents must log into their family accounts and complete our Dive Practices—2020 Registration.

As part of that process, you will be asked to affirm that your children will be kept home if the answer to any of our COVID-19 health questions is “yes” on any given practice day.

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: PLEASE DON’T SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO PRACTICE IF THEY FEEL ILL.

Select your diver’s t-shirt size. Shirts will arrive for distribution mid-July.

Any questions or concerns about registration may be directed to our team treasurer, Traci Vagnucci, at [email protected].

Session Selection

A link to our Sign Up Genius will be sent to registered divers on Saturday. Divers must be registered prior to signing up and attending practice sessions. All sessions are mixed age groups just like afternoon practices run in a normal year. Please plan to attend the same sessions throughout the 4-weeks. We know that there is some overlap with the swim team session starts and ends; if you have diver-swimmers or swimmer-divers, please encourage your child to transition quickly to or from the dive well to maximize both dive and swim practices.

Season Capacity

With a bit of magic, we believe that we have space to accommodate up to 40 divers using the 3 sessions/week model.

Reminders on Repeat

We also ask that you please review with your children the basic idea of social distancing before they attend their first practice. Coaches will make sure all participants are properly spaced out during activities, but you can help by reminding your kids to enjoy the company of fellow divers and coaches from a safe six feet away. This modified season isn’t an easy one to pull off and was not an easy decision to make. Help us ensure that it is a full success; it can only happen if we conduct it in the safest manner possible.

Wrapping Up

We know this season, even in its modified rendition, is not going to be for everyone. We will miss you but completely understand that we all are making choices that are best for our own families. As we noted in May when we had to nix normal; with a year of Glenwood spirit corked for now, MCDL Division II best look out in 2021. We will be back with a ROAR and will be a full team once again!

2020 Dive Registration – SHORT VERSION

  1. Log in to Team Unify Dive Team HERE.
  2. Complete all information, including t-shirt size.
  3. Complete Glenwood COVID-19 waiver online.
  4. Finalize registration with $40 fee for the 4-week season.
  5. Use the SignUp Genius link to select each diver’s weekly schedule (3 sessions that work best per individual schedule). THESE WILL BE YOUR SAME SESSIONS THROUGH THE SEASON.
  6. Arrive to your selected sessions in swimsuits, wearing a face covering, and on time.
  7. Stick to the dive well, keep bags and bodies on the deck, and off the grass and tables.
  8. Arrange for prompt pick up following practice.