Hello!! 2020 Summer Stroke Clinics COMING SOON!


Hello! This is Coach Angie!

I was officially brought back to work! I hope that I can see a lot of friendly faces soon as I have missed the kids (and parents, too!) as the season ended so abruptly and without closure. Coach Nick, Coach Luke, and Coach Claire are currently back as well. 

We are working on getting some stroke clinics set up so that the kids can start getting back in the water. I wanted to explain a bit of what that will look like, with some new changes.

The swim season will kick off in September (like always).  We are taking the health and welfare of all the swimmers very seriously and want to have a few options available now as we work on what the season will look like, but it will look different than it has in the past. We are going to ask for everyone's patience and understanding as we work through the changes to our programming. 

I know that this email is long, and I am sorry about that. Please read it through to the end if you are interested in the Youth Swim Clinics or Private Swim Coaching opportunities that we will have available VERY soon.

Swim Clinic Schedule:  Swim Clinics will be July 13th through August 21st. 

Group 1 will run from 1:00-1:50 Monday and Thursday

Group 2 will run 1:00-1:50 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Group 3 will run 2:00-2:50 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

For our swim clinics here is the breakdown:

Group 1:  Limited to 10 kids (will do 25s)

Group 2:  Limited to 20 kids (will do 25s and 50s) 

Group 3:  Limited to 20 kids (will be 100s or less) 

*Note:  I will upload a video soon of how we will be able to encourage social distancing in the water. 

Registration will open MONDAY JULY 6th. **If you know that you want your kids in the clinics, plan to sign up early Monday as I think these spots will fill up quickly and we will have a waitlist.

Entrance to the Clinic:  You will drop kids outside of the front doors to the YMCA. All Kids will be REQUIRED to wear masks from the moment that they enter the building until they are in their lanes. The kids will have their temperature taken and if they have a temperature, they will not be allowed to enter.

We will have a coach at the front door where you will check the kids in for the clinic and the kids will be returned at the conclusion of the clinic.  **Parents will not be allowed to be in the building to watch or wait while the clinics are taking place. We have strict numbers of people that are allowed in the building as required by the health department. 

Kids will need to come wearing their swimsuits, with their own towels (no towel service available), cap/goggles and water bottles. DO NOT FORGET FULL WATER BOTTLES. Water fountains are turned off and I cannot let the kids share water bottles. 

Equipment:  We will not have swim equipment available for use. The following equipment is highly recommended for the kids to bring with them:

Level 1: 16-18 Inch PVC (Sticks we call them)**.  We will have them available for purchase for $2 (cash) but they are literally just pieces of 3/4-1" PVC that anyone can do, Fins (If you have them- VERY HELPFUL)

Level 2: KICKBOARD**, Fins and Paddles if you have them

Level 3: KICKBOARD**, PULL BOUY*** Fins and Paddles if you have them.

We will not have any deck work or dryland training at this time, but will give the kids ideas of what things they can do at home in lieu of dryland practices.

New Equipment:  If you need equipment, I was at B & B yesterday in Chesterfield. They have a limited number of Kickboards in youth and adult sizes (staff can help you decide what size to purchase) left as they have been in hot demand. They have a new shipment they are expecting any day but had less than 10 kickboards left on the shelves yesterday. If you order quickly, you may be able to get them off Amazon or another site, but I encourage all to plan on having their own kickboard for the foreseeable future. Brand is not super important; most work the same way but try to stay away from the toy ones you see at places like Dollar General. They should be $10-20. B & B have a good supply of pull buoys in both youth and adult sizes in stock here locally.

Private Coaching:  We are considering offering Private coaching this summer for competitive swimmers! 

If you are interested in Private coaching, more information on that will be sent out in the coming weeks!

LAST OPTION for Teen Swimmers: Swimmers ages 14 and Up can reserve lanes to swim on their own. Please make those reservations online. Family members in the same home can share lanes, but still have to be 14 or older to do lap swimming.

If you have any questions, as always, please let me know. 

My email is [email protected].