Glenwood Diving: Week of July 13


Glenwood Diving: Week of July 13, 2020

Welcome to Glenwood Diving!

What a week! Just like that, we jumped right into the mini-season and daily sessions full of excited divers! We are so excited to see almost all of our returning families and so many new members! The season may be out of sync with a typical year but our divers haven’t wavered and are off to a great start! Here are a few notes for the week:

Entry and Exit Logistics: The Swim & Dive teams have a lot of foot traffic coming through the Front Gate at the start of practices. To put some added distance between members, we are moving the morning ARRIVALS to the Back Gate. Please walk or send your divers along the path in the morning, so that they ENTER through the Back Gate and proceed directly to the dive well to check in for warm ups. DEPARTURES will continue to EXIT through the Back Gate as well.

Welcome Coaches! Our returning families know our 2020 coaching staff well, but we want to introduce new families to our leaders on the deck!

  • Our divers are led by Coach Dermot O’Kelly. Dermot, a veteran diver at Glenwood, began his Tiger diving career at age 5 and completed his senior dive summer in 2019 as both diver and co-coach. He has many years of Walter Johnson High School diving, Glenwood records, and MCDL and All Star awards under his belt. Dermot completed his freshman year at Tulane, returning home for the summer and eager to lead our team. We are thrilled to have him back!
  • Norah Bailey is a rising junior and has been diving at Glenwood for 7 years. Accomplished with many MCDL Divisional and All Star awards, Norah is excited to join our coaching staff in 2020. When not diving over the summer, Norah plays field hockey and varsity basketball at Albert Einstein High School.
  • Sarah Butchko is a rising senior and has been a Glenwood diver since she was nine. She enjoys teaching our Tigers, helping our new divers start on the right track, and rallying team spirit. During the school year, Sarah is a captain on Einstein’s swim and dive team, plays lacrosse, and a 4th year member of Senior Dance Company.
  • Kathryn Wagner is a rising sophomore at Sidwell Friends School. Kathryn has been a Tiger since her 8 & under days, and is excited to work with our Team and continue her own diving! Summer diving keeps her busy at Glenwood, and soccer and lacrosse round out the rest of her year.

Keep it Fun, From a Distance! Divers have done a great job this week, arriving with their face coverings on, dropping their bags along the deck and keeping distance through warm ups and in line. Let’s keep it up – it can be hard for our younger divers but reminders from home and from our coaches will keep us all safe and sound J

Let Us Know if You’ll Be Away. With the quick start to the season, we know other plans and appointments pop up. If you know you’re diver will be away, drop us a note. We are thrilled to be bursting at the seams with Tigers this year, and will help everyone find additional dive time if openings pop up.

#GlenwoodDiving – Tigers take to Instagram: Coming soon! We’ll be posting pics through the weeks ahead!

See you at the dive well!