Considerations for Meet Referees for meets during COVID

For all Meet Referees and any other officials.  This document comes from the National Offiicals Committee.  It uses common sense.  A few highlights of this document are:

  • no clipboard
  • bring a personal water bottle
  • no officials briefing, yes it's been long time, but make sure everyone reads the rules prior
  • no DQ slips use a DQ report from meet manager to notify coaches after the meet. We do not verbally notify although you can ask coaches ahead of time and ask what they'd want without using a DQ slip
  • only the starter handles the mic.  You should have disinfectant wipes near by.
  • maintain social distance 6 feet apart, may train officials but stand a lane apart
  • suggested 1 timer per lane
  • times will only count for local, no National qual times
  • WEAR A MASK OR SHIELD!!!! (starter brings it down to say TYM and ref for blowing whistle)
If you have ANY questions, please contact Sandy Drake.