Official's National Certification UPDATE

Please see the message below from Matt Wilson regarding National Certifications. We ask that you please forward this information out to all of your officials as well. Thank you!

National Certifications Update

There have been some questions with regard to National Certifications during this pandemic. With regard to certifications expiring, please remember that you have 3 years from the date of expiration in order to renew your certification without starting the process over. With that in mind, please see below for pertinent dates:

  • Certifications expiring 6/30/20 have until 6/30/23 to complete the recertification process without having to start over
  • Certifications expiring 12/31/20 have until 12/31/23 to complete the recertification process without having to start over

The caveat for these is that an official with certification that has expired cannot serve as an evaluator of that position until their certifications are brought current. 

Also, for officials who received a successful N3 initial evaluation between 3/1/17-12/31/17, they now have until 4/15/21 to successfully complete their N3 final evaluation without having to seek a new initial. 

This should allow plenty of time once OQM's start back up for officials to seek their necessary mentoring/evaluation opportunities.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing commitment to the swimming community!