Glenwood Diving: Week of July 27 (or, where did summer go?)


Glenwood Diving: Week of July 27

Here we are at Week Four– seems this summer is going as fast as any other! Our divers have been working really hard, learning so much, and having a ton of fun! Hopefully the season t-shirt has made it home so that when the season comes to a close, they remember that Glenwood spirit can’t be canceled :-)

For our new families this year, we hope you are already looking ahead to 2021! You might wonder how our regular seasons run. Here’s a snap shot:

  • We are at the top of the rock in Division II. Don't get us wrong, we have had good times in Division I over the years, but wow, Division II is a blast! Glenwood is known for our huge team spirit as well as our depth across the age groups! At 50+ divers even without a single meet this year, we are typically the largest team in the entire MCDL. No one comes close to our numbers in 15-18s where our Tigers have been diving for as many as 10 years, or our 8 & unders where we have multiple 5-year olds making their debut!
  • Practices begin the last week of May and run 3 sessions in the afternoons through the end of school.
  • Divers can swim and swimmers can dive – we coordinate practice times with Swim so that our kids can participate on both teams.
  • Daily morning practices begin once school closes. Mornings are divided by age groups; afternoons are mixed ages. Families are welcome to work practices around camp and home schedules.
  • Meets are held Sunday afternoons beginning at 4:00. Participating in meets isn’t required but we hope divers will want to give it a try! It’s a great way to wrap up the weekend, cheer on the team and enjoy great diving poolside. Different from swim, meets are run by age group – 8 & unders go first, followed by 9-10s and 11-12s. Awards for the first half are presented, followed by the 13-14s, 15-18s, and second half awards.
  • Just like swim, it takes a village to run a dive meet! We look to our parents for help and have jobs to suit everyone. Concession, table work, judging, and banquet support make the team run like a dream.
  • Have you heard about our Family Dive Meet?! This annual event is a potluck followed by entertainment. And by entertainment, we mean the parents take to the boards, the divers take to the judging, and we realize just how much work our divers are putting into perfecting those dives all season long!
  • We wrap up the season with two big meets. Division championships take the top two divers by age group to compete against the 5 teams in our Division. Top divers from each Divisional meet continue on to All Stars and compete against the other Divisions in the League. Divers not attending Divisionals participate in the Robin Hood Invitational meet. This meet goes down in history for its dedication to developmental diving, sportsmanship and community building. Each year Glenwood brings a squad of divers to showcase our program (and bring home the best in giant rosette ribbons)!
  • After a great weekend, we hold an Banquet to recognize our award winners and celebrate each of our divers and their role on the team. It’s a super night, with great food and a lot of fun.

This season was just too short to squeeze in everything that makes Glenwood Diving the gem that it is, but we hope everyone has enjoyed what we were able to offer. A big shout out to our coaches - they did a tremendous job with twice the number of divers we thought might venture out in the bizarre circumstances of Summer 2020! They love working with our kids, sharing their expertise and continuing the Team that they grew up in themselves.

Enjoy this final week, peek in at the divers as they finish off the season, and cheer them for going “all in” with Tiger Diving 2020!

Soon we’ll share a link to bulk photos from the past weeks – in the meantime, you can catch a snippet on our Instagram: #Glenwooddive

Go Tigers!