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Registration 2020

Registration 2020-2021

Our Registration for the upcoming year is going to look a lot different.

PLEASE READ ALL 10 POINTS as the process has changed.
Given the current climate - we anticipate some of this may continue to change as we go through the next 12-18 months - so much of this will be fluid. 

If you have any questions regarding your athlete - please do not hesitate to contact Coach Alexis - [email protected] 

1) All active members will have first right of refusal no later than August 15, 2020 *New for 2020*

  • You do not need to tell us if you ARE participating, only if you are NOT.
  • You will receive an email by the end of Saturday confirming your spot on the team, placements are available in the Team Unify system as of this email.
  • Opting out – Forfeiture of roster spot

2) Non-Refundable Registration fees of $150 will be invoiced on August 16th *New for 2020*

  • This is the registration fee for September 2020 – August 2021
  • Any athlete joining at any time during the season will be required to pay the $150 registration fee. This will not be prorated as it is a yearly fee. 
  • Waivers will be renewed as part of Shark University *New for 2020*
  • Attendance at Shark University in September (online) will be required for participation after October 1.
    • This also applies to fall high school athletes if they are planning on returning after the high school season concludes. 
    • Mandatory Shark University session options will be posted no later than August 15th 

3) Monthly Fees will be invoiced by August 25th *New for 2020*

  • Monthly Fees will be posted no later than August 15th
    • Online Only – Dryland online training including socials, cardio, yoga and more… 
    • In-Person Programming – includes Online programming AND in water programming
  • Prices will be scaled with consideration of schedules, pool time & staffing
  • Throughout the calendar year, we will most likely fluctuate between in-person and online programming monthly fees. Changes will be communicated when accounts are invoiced. 
  • We aspire to only have two rates for the calendar year that will be based on our requirements for operations (Facility Rental, Staffing and other costs). 
    • Because we are keeping a socially responsible number of athletes in the pool, our facility rental cost is going to increase, which may affect our overall monthly fees. 

4) Accounts will be charged on September 1st for all outstanding invoices 

  • This will include the $150 registration fee and the monthly participation fee for September
  • Withdrawal after September 7th will not be eligible for a refund of September monthly fees
  • Registration fee of $150 is non-refundable.
  • Athletes with outstanding fees as of September 7th will not be allowed to participate.

5) Retainer Policy *New for 2020*

  • During the year active Age Group athletes (not HS) are eligible for two months of a “break” where they can maintain their spot on the team for a $50 retainer per month.
  • The two months do not need to be used sequentially 
  • After using the two months, the spot is forfeited upon beginning the third month.
  • August 2021 is considered an optional month for all active athletes and athletes will not have to pay a retainer at this time for that month. We don’t know what 2021 is going to look like, so that may change as well! 

6) High School Athlete Exception

  • High School Athletes participating in high school athletics are exempt from the retainer policy.
  • Athletes will not be charged during their high school season
  • Monthly rates will be prorated according to participation
    • Girls Swimming: August 10-October 24
    • Boys Swimming: November 16-February 13
    • Water Polo: February 16- May 1

7) Training Group Size Limitation *New for 2020*

  • All of our Training Groups are limited to 14 athletes per roster for Polo, 12 athletes per gender for our Senior levels and 24 athletes for Age Group. 
  • This group size restriction is to allow for potential future facility restrictions as well as safe social distancing when we are fully indoors not to exceed 4 athletes per lane at any facility with a preference of 12 athletes per practice group (2 per lane). 

8) Group Placement *Adjusted for 2020*

  • With the Group size limitation, adjustments to the placement protocol were made for this year given the pandemic situation to do our best to accommodate as many athletes as possible.  
    • Some athletes may have been placed into different groups than in years past to accommodate more athletes across the program.
    • All athletes will be expected to participate at the level of the group they have been placed into – including but not limited to attendance, communication and practice engagement. 
    • Please reach out to Coach Alexis if you are concerned about the expectations for your athlete, as we are adapting our expectations to account for some of this movement. 
  • Athletes were evaluated on training commitment, training speed, maturity and ability to handle practice instruction & coaching, past performances and commitment to the team through the summer
  • Priority was given to athletes who participated with the program from April 2020-August 2020. Subsequent spots were assigned to athletes in our Tier 2 & Tier 3 priority as space warranted. 
  • A waitlist has been generated and space will be offered to the Tier 2 & Tier 3 athletes as availability occurs. Families will be contacted in the event that a space becomes available. 

9) Practice Schedule *Adjusted for 2020*

  • Practice schedules will fluctuate pending facility availability
    • Be prepared for schedules to change week-to-week as closures and restrictions may affect programming options. We cannot predict this, and it will be fluid for the entire year.  
  • Length of workouts will vary from 30-90 minutes depending on space, facility, group size & ability and will fluctuate throughout the year. We will focus on number of offered workouts per group in conjunction with that time availability as much as possible
  • Target number of workouts will also vary – much of this will be contingent on space as well as maintaining responsible social distancing, especially indoors 
    • Developmental groups (N, 5, 8, JR, SR) ideally 2-3 in-water workouts per week, 1-2 online 
    • Advanced groups (14U, 18U JV, 6, 9, JA, SA) ideally 3-5 in-water workouts per week, 2-3 online 
    • Performance groups (18U V, 7, 10, JP, SP, SHP) ideally 4-6 in-water workouts per week, 2-4 online 

10) Effective Date & Billing 

  • Athletes will have been placed into their Training Groups in the Team Unify system by the end of the day on Friday, July 31. Families can log in and see where their athlete has been placed
  • Training Group specific emails will go out by the end of the day on Saturday, August 1. 
  • Monthly Rates will be posted no later than August 15, 2020. 
  • Active Athletes begin training with their new training group effective August 17, 2020
    • Currently Inactive Tier 2/Tier 3 Athletes will be eligible to start workouts Monday, August 31, 2020
    • If Tier 2/Tier 3 athletes would like to start on August 17, please contact the Business office to arrange for payment - [email protected]  
  • Athletes will be invoiced for their new training group beginning August 25, 2020.