SA Families,


We're trying to get as many of you on our Remind text messaging system---Remind is free and easy, and it offers parents peace of mind, as the messages are one-way messages from SA Head Coach/ SR Coach Tony Ackerson to our different groups.


We use Remind texts primarily for messages involving rain delays, meet entry deadline reminders, and brief, team communications.   With a lot of different groups going on right now, it's good to make sure that you're in the correct text group.  Signing up is simple, from a smartphone---you simply text the message listed below to this number:  81010.  Please sign up for all of the groups that apply to your child:


AG1, AG2, AG3, AG5, AG5:  Type and send the message @agegroup15 to 81010.


SENIOR GROUP SWIMMING:  Type and send the message @b86f6h to 81010.


ALL CLUB WATER POLO PLAYERS (BOTH MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS):  Type and send the message @saclu to 81010.


For Seminole High School Swimmers and Water Polo Players (ONLY Seminole HS athletes and parents), sign up for the following:

SHS SWIMMERS:  Send the message @noleswim to 81010.

SHS WATER POLO:  Send the message @shspolo15 to 81010.


Parents, please understand:  We use this system to try and make your life a bit easier, but it's not necessarly a guarantee that you'll always get a text for everything.  As far as weather is concerned, please be in the habit of checking radar and weather before you leave the house for the pool. 


Thanks, Everyone!


Tony Ackerson

Seminole Aquatics Head Coach/ SR Group Coach