August Mini-Session!

After many trials and tribulations, we are excited to announce that we have just acquired a facility and will be offering a mini-session from 8/9/20-9/3/20 in the mornings at Tranquility Valley Retreat Center in Andover. The goal is to get our swimmers reacclimated to the water with an emphasis on reviewing proper technique and incremental conditioning. There will be no competitions. Due to COVID-19 mitigations, time and space are limited during this session; we will unfortunately not be able to offer swim lessons at this time, but plan for them to resume in our upcoming fall session. We also have an extensive mitigation plan- our first priority is always safety!

We apologize for the last-minute nature of this announcement, but it was out of our hands; we are excited to be resuming none-the-less! The Registration Portal is now open. with the session beginning Sunday, 8/9. We wanted to get this info into your hands as soon as we could; attached is complete session info, including our COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Again, space is more limited than usual due to these restrictions, so sign up early. Feel free to help get the word out.

We have also received many inquiries about our Fall/Winter season. While the future of competitions in the foreseeable future are uncertain, many teams are planning to head back indoors in September to resume training, albeit with many modifications. We are planning on this as well and hope to have a plan out to everyone sometime around August 22. More to come…

We hope you are all well and excited to resume training again. Looking forward to seeing you all!