CZ General Chair Conference Call Notes - 08/18/2020

Call to Order

·         Pam Lowenthal, Central Zone Non-Athlete Director

·         Central Zone General Chairs; other officers of CZ

·         Roll Call - Attendees: Pam Lowenthal, Ann Watanabe, Jeff Arce, Joseph Gazzarato, Robert Rettle, Michael White, John Bradley, Betty Kooy, Kevin Milak, Susan Mechler, Lisa Montplaisir, Vince Colwell, Martin Schmidt, Terry Anchrum, Brad Jacobs, Fran Werner, Scott Bliss, Tom Johnson, Jay Chambers

Purpose of Meeting

·         To check with LSCs regarding current water and facility status

·         Virtual Convention updates

·         CZ Zone meeting date and voting process

·         Diversity Update – possible LSC BOD addition

·         Questions Etc

LSCs – What are you doing

·         MI – Joe Gazzarato: working with Aquatics Coalition to try to get pools open to clubs using the ToolKit; getting everyone on the same page with talking points regarding indoor pools; send a dedicated message to governor’s office lobbying for pool openings

·         IL – Jeff Arce: lobbying state to get pools open; 40% of clubs have had water; may look differently moving indoors as HS are reluctant to open to outside groups; many have good relationships with local HS, 7500 athletes in water; have had three positive cases; sharing data with governor’s office

·         LE – Vince Cowell: most up and running; solely outdoor and rec facilities; openings facility dependent; inter-squad meets only through September sanctioned; SPIRE had squad meet; ¼ of LSC is scrambling as many facilities not opening to outside organizations

·         MV – Scott Bliss: yr-round clubs mostly were successful in getting summer water; summer league only 9 of 18 teams had water, had a very short season, registration down 60% for seasonal; worried about fall as many dependent on school districts; going for squad and virtual meets and MV controlling the type of meets being held.

·         ND – Lisa Montplaisir: echo others; summer mostly good, 2 clubs with no water; 3 sanctioned and 3 non-sanctioned meets; Fargo West only school district giving club access as club has followed models

·         SD – Martin Schmidt: similar to others; no HS swimming in SD; mostly using city and university facilities; State is not restricting; dependent on facility restrictions; utilizing ToolKit for openings

·         MW – Betty Kooy: LSC has put together a template for meets going forward; encouraging smaller meets (squad, virtual); three meets sanctioned this summer – 2 squad, 1 time trial – all using less numbers in session, social distance, no parents, etc

·         OZ-Bob Rettle: bad situation in St Louis area; no Y facility; some meets may be allowed but can’t travel outside area and nobody into region; transfers are flying; girls HS teams in water; SUI Carbondale no outside entities  allowed; schools going virtual after 1st week; seeing a 20% rate increase of COVID in the metro area

·         WI – Michael White: same as others; chaos with HS swimming – some schools Fall; some have no pools so very condensed with no culminating event; a MESS

·         MN – John Bradley: same as others; 90% use Middle School and HS pools; large clubs that control own water have facilities; questions as to who is in charge of facilities in some cases; JB has posted info on LSC Leaders’ FB page; situation similar to where clubs were in March and April, i.e. not right now; mental public health piece part of decision-making; Ann W – several clubs in jeopardy

·         IN – Fran Werner, Kevin Milak: neither on BOD so no first-hand info; smaller clubs struggling to get water; have had some duals and tris but not seeing parents with masks or social distancing outside the facility; emphasizing purpose-driving swimming

·         OH – Terry Anchrum: same; some colleges have shut clubs out; trying to kick off a slow roll; breaking by age groups, no spectators, no parents, trying to keep kids healthy; LSC hosting weekly Town Hall; things going pleasantly well so far; Susan M 2 meets so far

USA Swimming and Zone Updates

·         Jay Chambers: trying to touch base with coaches and hear what I s going on; many emails sent to coaches bouncing back so SWIMS needs to be updated; will do a coach representative Zoom meeting to try to get the LSC Coach Representative involved; get registered for Convention by September 21

·         Pam Lowenthal:

o   Convention (September 24-25) will be virtual, updates are on the USA Swimming website link;

o   Central Zone meeting only one meeting; a week AFTER convention – there will be new legislation from Convention to discuss;

o   2021 meet hosts will stay; 2020 meet hosts give first right of refusal for 2022; if meets not held in 2021 bidders may get right of refusal for 2020; no budget effect until 2021,

o   Pam L will be running for non-athlete Zone Director; Betty Kooy will be retiring as CZ Secretary/ Treasurer and John Bradley will take on that position

o   Notes from the Zone Council were shared

o   No information on USA Swimming Open and no updates on Pro Series or Sectionals

o   CZ General Chairs submitted petition to Times Committee regarding eligibility dates for Scholastic All America  - hoping for an April 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020 period for eligibility

o   Legislation for DEI LSC chairs to be voting member of LSC BODs pulled from 2020 legislation packet

o   Voting for CZ meeting – each LSC still 5 votes; perhaps break-out rooms for LSC discussion; date/time of meeting to be determined (weekend or evening?)

·         Brad Jacobs – Athlete

o   AEC election will be held Sunday, September 13 at the Athlete meeting; please verify LSC Senior and Junior athlete representatives to Brad ASAP; applications have closed


·         Next meeting: CZ HOD meeting after convention


·         Time: 12:08 p.m. CDT

·         Submitted by: Betty Kooy, CZ Secretary