MW Elects New Board Members

On September 1, 2020, the terms of office will conclude for a number of Midwestern Swimming’s Board of Directors. A HUGE THANK YOU to the following individuals for their tireless service to Midwestern Swimming: 

Thank you for your service outgoing Board of Directors:

 Carol Olson – General Chair

Jay Thiltgen - Administrative Vice Chair

Jason Hiley - Finance Chair

Jeff Nelson – Secretary

Sam Bach – Coaches’ Representative

Brinker Harding - Delegate at Large

Bruce Schomburg - Delegate at Large

Lauren Mayo – Athlete Representative

Aidan Cho - Athlete Representative

 Midwestern Swimming thanks each one for their extraordinary contribution and leadership skills in building a strong and successful LSC. Their stewardship while serving on the Board has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and most valuable their selfless efforts to enhance the overall experience for our LSC’s athletes in and out of the pool. We look forward to their ongoing involvement in the great sport of swimming!

 We would also like to take this opportunity to WELCOME AND THANK the following individuals for their willingness to accept the invitation to lead and serve on Midwestern Swimming’s Board of Directors. 

 Please welcome the following newly elected Board of Directors:

 Betsy Purcell - General Chair

Toby Rees - Administrative Vice Chair

Tony Storer - Finance Chair

Jimmy Parmenter - Senior Vice Chair

Coaches' Representative – Katherine Anglin

Jeff Nelson - Delegate at Large

 Again, thank you to all the outgoing as well as the incoming Board of Directors!