NAAC Winter Protocols for the NAHS Pool


2020-21 Practice Guidelines and Covid Protocols 

Practice Guidelines for NAAC Practices at the NAHS Pool


Below are some basic reminders along with adjusted protocols to fit our needs within the required NA protocols.  

  • Arrive 10-15 min early for practice, suits on and ready to swim, and wait on the incoming swimmer side of the stands (ask a Coach if you are unsure).
  • Stay spaced, have face covering on, hand sanitizer is available at entry.
  • Place bags on designated side of bleachers, remove sweats and face covering and head to pool deck only once the outgoing group is out of the pool and heading to their side of the bleachers.
  • Grab your equipment bag and head to your designated lane, side or space.
  • Be ready to swim QUICKLY once you are on deck.
  • Crush your training.
  • Practice will end with group dismissal; return all equipment and bags to proper places.
  • Enter the bleachers on the same side as your group's belonings are placed for that day.
  • Swimmers can put on sweats, etc in the bleacher area over their suits OR head to locker room to change out of wet suits in small groups, and then exit, with face covering on and spaced.
  • We will update protocols and ajust as needed per our requirements!


These protocols are designed to increase the safety of all participants, and it is up to each participant to follow the protocols.  Coaches will give reminders, reminders, reminders.



2021 Spring Covid 19 positive test, quarantine and NAAC travel protocols v3-10


In the event that a currently practicing swimmer or a current coach on deck (defined as a participant), or household member of either, test positive for Covid 19 the following protocols shall generally apply (as of June/July, now updated Mar 2021), as well as Quarantine & Travel protocols noted for all NAAC participants:


1.  Any participant testing positive for Covid 19 will be required to quarantine for a minimum of 10 days post-positive test or per current State guidelines if less.  A note of approval from doctor or County Board of Health is required to return to practice, having been cleared to return safely. 

2.  Any participant testing positive for Covid 19 should notify Head Coach John Coffman so that the following protocols may be followed for the group and the team to prevent added risk of infection across participants.  Your information will remain confidential within the NAAC Board and Coaching Staff.

2.a. If positive test within 48 hours of NAAC practice attendance - All Same-Group practices of positive participant shall be cancelled for 3 days following positive test notification to allow adequate time for possible positive infection symptoms to potentially appear.  All common areas will be fully disinfected ASAP.

2.b. If positive test post 48 hours of NAAC practice attendance – Swimmer shall follow item #1 above, and practice group will be notified of positive test post 48 hours of NAAC practice attendance.  All same-group swimmers are requested to self monitor for symptoms regularly.

2.c. Any/all Same-Group swimmers and/or coaches that are feeling unwell in any portion of the 10-day window following a positive participant test for active Covid 19 shall not attend any practices until cleared by a doctor.  A note of approval from doctor or County Board of Health is required to return to practice, having been cleared to return safely.  Any “sick days” in a 10-day post positive participant test window shall require a doctor’s note of approval for return to practice.


3.   Possible Quarantine outside of NAAC:  If any NAAC participant is quarantined from school (or work), they are then also quarantined from NAAC for the same time period requested of their school (or work), even if exhibiting no symptoms, and even if a negative Covid test result. Others within the household are not quarantined unless the initially quarantined individual(s) begin exhibiting symptoms, at which time the all members of the household should quarantine. 


4.  Travel Protocols: We are requesting that any participants that vacation out-of-State to dutifuly self-monitor for any symptoms for 48 hours post-arrival home to help ensure the safety of all NAAC participants.  This protocol is now updated as of 3-10-21 since Ohio has ended the initial Travel Quarantine protocols initiated 7-24-20 per the July 22 Ohio Travel Advisory.


5.  These guidelines are subject to revision over time as context and circumstances dictate.  Review will take place at the start of each month, and more often if warranted.


Last Updated 3-10-21

NAAC Board of Directors