NAAC 2021-22 General Practice & Season Protocols


2021-22 NAAC General Practice & Season Protocols


Below are some basic reminders along with adjusted protocols to fit our needs within the required, current or upcoming facility protocols as of 8-18-21.  We will adjust protocols as allowed by the facilities we rent from and/or as indicated by our own NAAC circumstances.  Currently we have mostly optional Covid protocols – please read all below!



  • If your swimmer is ill in any way they should stay home until feeling well!
  • Arrive 10-15 min early for practice, with swimsuits on (as possible), ready to swim
  • Please refer to your Lead Coach for regular locker room use procedures per Group
  • Please enter and exit the pool area from the stadium entrance for now, and once all courtyard construction is completed we will use the courtyard as entrance/exit for the remainder of the fall season.
  • Updated as of 9-20-21 - All swimmers in groups Hurricane, Tsunami, Wave, Ripple and Breaker must have a mask on while entering & exiting the building and while seated in the stands.  The swimmers can take their masks off in the stands just before heading down for practice.  
  • Parents are welcome to watch practices from the courtyard area once courtyard construction is completed and cleared, and the pool area and bleachers are reserved for swimmers, coaches and pool staff only
  • Hand sanitizer is available at entry
  • Swim bags and belongings should remain in the bleachers, not in the locker rooms
  • Please stay relatively spaced in the bleachers and on deck, same practice group per side of bleachers (ask a coach if unsure)
  • Face Coverings @ NAPLS Facilities:
    • As of 5-26-21 outdoor face coverings are optional.
    • As of 6-2-21 indoor and outdoor face coverings are optional for Bombora, Kahuna and Elite/College groups
    • Please have your swimmer do what you as a Family feel is best (NA schools recommend face coverings but they are not currently required).
  • Grab your equipment bag and head to your designated lane, side or space when Coaches ask
  • Be ready to swim QUICKLY once you are on deck
  • Restroom use during practice shall be limited in number to 2 per gender, sanitizer provided
  • If changing out of suits before leaving please do so quickly, locker room limited to 15 +/-
  • Practices may be delayed or cancelled for thunder & lightning as usual, and swimmers will be directed per specific circumstances (sitting spaced in the stands is the norm)
  • Crush your training & have fun doing so!


2021-22 Covid 19 positive test, quarantine and NAAC travel protocols v8.18.21

In the event that a currently practicing swimmer or a current coach on deck (defined as a participant), or household member of either, test positive for Covid 19 the following protocols shall generally apply, as well as possible Quarantine & Travel protocols noted for all NAAC participants:


1.  Any participant testing positive for Covid 19 will be required to quarantine per most up-to-date Franklin County Board of Health guidelines post-positive test.  

2.  Any participant testing positive for Covid 19 should notify Head Coach John Coffman so that the following protocols may be followed for the group and the team to prevent added risk of transmission across participants.  Your information will remain confidential within the NAAC Board and Coaching Staff.

2.a. If positive test post 48 hours of NAAC practice attendance – Swimmer shall follow item #1 above, and practice group will be notified of positive test post 48 hours of NAAC practice attendance.  All same-group swimmers are requested to self monitor for symptoms regularly. 

2.b. Any/all Same-Group swimmers and/or coaches that are feeling unwell in any portion of the 10-day window following a positive participant test for active Covid 19 shall not attend any practices until fully recovered. 

3.   Possible Quarantine outside of NAACIf any NAAC participant is quarantined from school (or work), they are then also quarantined from NAAC for the same time period requested of their school (or work), even if exhibiting no symptoms, and even if a negative Covid test result. Effective return to NAAC practice dates will be the same as each swimmer's school return to extracurricular activity date or work return date. Others within the household are not quarantined unless the initially quarantined individual(s) begin exhibiting symptoms, at which time all members of the household should quarantine. 

4.  Travel Protocols: None currently in place for Ohio nor for NAAC.


These guidelines are subject to revision over time as context and circumstances dictate.  Review will take place at the start of each month, and more often if warranted.

Last Updated 9-22-21

NAAC Board of Directors