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Weekly Wave, 9/14

Hi All,

Just a few quick things.

There are still a number of folks who've got forms missing.  We need all new forms turned in at the beginning of each year.  Please turn those in ASAP.  I'll be reaching out to families directly this week with specific items needed, as well.

Most of you are doing a great job of delivering your swimmers no more or less than 10 minutes before their practice begins.  Keep that up!  I realize accidents happen, but if a swimmer is consistently late (arriving when or after their practice begins), we as a staff will have to begin sending them home.  With all of the extra guidelines and processes that we have to follow, late athletes are a MAJOR distraction to the team and coaching staff.

Covid Clash II: SwimPACK v. Sailfish
Most of you SHOULD have received an email about this event, but if not, we are hosting another dual meet in two weeks against SwimPACK (Premier Aquatics of Central Kentucky) on Saturday, 9/26 at Winchester Country Club.  They are based out of the Falling Springs pool in Versailles and are a small team much like us.  While not at all mandatory, I would love to see all of our swimmers sign-up.  All participants will get a meet t-shirt.  Cost for the event will be $15 if we're able to rent touchpads, but only $10 if not.   Full meet information is on the event page for it.  Please commit your swimmers through that page.  If you are willing/able to volunteer, please sign up for that, too!