CRC Logistic Changes and Use of Showers

Dear Parents,

We negotiated with Swim Ontario the use of the showers after practice, and we can announce now that the use of the showers after practice is permitted, with some rules, please go to any of the web sections  Athlete’s Best practices & rules Swimmer RequirementsCRC Logistics, or R RC Logistics to review the rules for the appropriate use of the showers.

I had a meeting with the CRC aquatic supervisor and there are some important updates that needs your attention in the entry procedure. If you have a swimmer in Group 1, 2, 3 and 4. Please review the CRC Logistics on our web page.

Here is an extract of the information.

Cardelrec Goulbourn Recreational complex, Stittsville (CRC)

In & Out the complex and pool area logistic (Updated, Sept 15th,2020)

  • Enter the complex is through the EXIT doors located right beside the main entrance, at the door GSH Coach will provide access to every participant will go through the City of Ottawa control plus the club’s control, a coach will making sure that the Attestation form is submitted and will check the participant’s temperature.

    • 5 Minutes before the start of the practice, our coach will go to the pool. If a swimmer comes late, they will have to stay in line and go through the City of Ottawa health screening.

    • For ALL the morning practices, the city health screen is not an option. Therefore the door will be closed at 5:25 am and no swimmer will be allowed to enter passed that time.

  • Follow the arrow marks on the floor and direct to the change rooms, remember to tell the front desk person, “Good Afternoon, I am with the Sea-Hawks, can you please let me in” and when they do say “Thanks!”
  • Go to the family change room that is the entrance to the pool deck, remember to leave your winter boots outside and only stay for less than 5 minutes, Swimmers must come prepared; swim attire on. NO LOCKER use is permitted.

  • Bring your bag and belongings, place them on the designated area on the bench located in front of the shallow end of the pool.

  • Once you leave your belongings, you will direct to our assigned lane and enter the pool on the shallow end, do not dive.

  • Wait for instructions in the water, maintain a safe distance from the other swimmers in your lane and the pool.

  • When practice is over:

    • Get out of the pool ASAP.

    • Go to where you left your belongings.

    • Dry yourself, and go to the gender-specific change rooms, that is the exit door. Remember only stay for less than 5 minutes in the change rooms, NO LOCKER or SHOWER* use is permitted, pick up your winter boots on the way out.

  • You need to move fast, so coaches can clean all the deck areas that can’t be started until all swimmers are gone, and we only have 15 minutes to prepare for the next group o program.

  • Follow the arrow marks on the floor and direct to the exit of the complex, remember to tell the front desk person, “Thanks Have a nice day/night!”

  • Exit the complex and wait outside for your parents to pick you up. Parents, please arrive on time, so swimmers don’t have to wait for long.

* Use of the Showers (Update September 15, 2020):

The use of the showers will be allowed ONLY after practice, with the following rules:

  • A swimmer must not be in the change room for longer than 15 minutes, including the use of the shower. 

  • While using the shower, the Physical Distance of 2 meters shall be maintained at all times.

  • If a swimmer must wait in line for the use of the shower, they shall maintain a Physical Distance of 2 meters at all times.

  • We still recommend that if possible to shower at home do it, especially after afternoon practices.