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Weekly Wave 9/20

Hi All, 

A few quick things to start the week:

Meet Signups, Future Meets
If you plan on attending the dual meet against PACK on Saturday, please commit no later than tomorrow.  To do so, click on the red "Edit Commitment" button under this meet on the  TEAM EVENTS tab.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the full meet information that is listed within the event page.

WCC will likely be closing in the next week or two, so the possibility of outdoor meets will end for the winter.  I am working on putting together guidelines with College Park that are compliant with KY Swimming, KHSAA, and the Clark County Health Department that will make it possible for us to host meets indoors.  Whether those are intrasquad or not is TBD.

Training Equipment
Many of the new swimmers on the team have not yet purchased the required swim equipment that is needed for practice.  All of this is listed at the bottom of the  REGISTRATION page.  Please have it all by 9/28.  Purchasing from our online store on or Pannell Swim Shop in Lexington both provide kickbacks to the team.  Looking at you, Bronze groupers!

Travel Policies
There are a number of families looking to travel in the next few weeks.  If you have not yet familiarized yourselves with the  Team Covid polices, please do so.  These are all in accordance with the Governor's office.  In short, travel to any state with a positivity rate requires an isolation from the team for 14 days upon return.  For you folks going to Florida, they are at 11.7% right now.

Timeliness Reminder
There has been a marked improvement in folks arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of practice.  THANK YOU!!!!  This makes the whole process so much easier on the staff.  Please keep this up.

I know the kids are quite tired of the coaches nagging them about mask compliance and constantly separating them.  It makes practices quite a bit less fun...for everyone.  Not one of us likes it.  But, it's the best way we know how to take care of these kids.  So, if they come home annoyed with us, please do what you can to have our backs on this.