Renaissance Update

The Renaissance is a high rise condo located by Tysons Corner that happens to have a pool they bubble for the winter and rent to us.  It is VITAL for us to continue to be able to practice at this facility that you obey their rules.


  1.  When you arrive at the closed gate, press "2230#".  They will open the gate.
  1. Go immediately to the right past the first bubbles (tennis) to the next bubble on your left.
  1. You may drop off your swimmer in front quickly and move on.  You MAY NOT PARK in the spaces around the bubble.  Those spaces belong to the condo owners and they will tow you.
  1. When picking up, you may not park/sit in front of the bubble in the fire lane.  This has been a problem in the past with the condo owners calling management. DON’T DO IT.  NOT FOR EVEN ONE MINUTE.
  1. Parking- You proceed past the pool bubble (on your left ) ALL THE WAY  to the back lot that has signs that say York Swim Club Parking.
  1. All cars need to have a York Swim Club magnet on their car when attending practice.  Magnets will be distributed in early October.  Please ask a coach for one if you don't have one already by October 15th.