CZ Officers Coordinators Pre-Convention Meeting

Call to Order

·         Pam Lowenthal, Central Zone Non-Athlete Director

·         Central Zone Officers and Coordinators

·         Roll Call - Attendees: Pam Lowenthal, Michael White, Betty Kooy, Kevin Milak, Fran Werner, Susan Mechler, Annie Kramer, Zach Toothman, Paul Thompson, Terry Anchrum, Jay Chambers

Purpose of Meeting

·         To outline Virtual Convention Meeting for Central Zone – Sunday, September 27, 2020, 3:00 p.m. via Zoom
May be a very short meeting

Points to Make

·         Zone Meets

o   Will be NO bids accepted this year

o   Site split will remain as set for 2020

o   2021 14 & U Meets – same team split as 2020

§  Elkhart, IN - IA, IN, MN, MW, ND, SD, OZ, WI

§  Westmont, IL - AR, IL, LE, MI, MV, OH, OK

·         Sectionals

o   Reports need to be sent to Betty

§  Region VIII – Paul sending to Betty

§  Section 3 – may split sites

§  Section 1 – IL and MN cannot travel outside state

·         Diversity

o   Terry A – report on proposed legislation regarding Diversity Chair on LSC BODs

§  Voting this year – would take 90%; will be brought to floor in 2021; will pass

§  Will bring up legislation – encourage CZ LSCs to adopt

§  Will send to Betty for posting on CZ website

·         CZ Board Make-up and voting

o   Pam L will run for another term

o   Betty Kooy is retiring; John Bradley’s name will be placed in nomination for CZ Secretary

o   Van Donkersgoed will be Parliamentarian during meeting and will direct the voting

§  Nominees will be accepted from the floor

§  Will entertain an omnibus motion to elect by acclimation

·         Diversity

o   Susan M

§  Will encourage CZ 14 & U and Sectional hosts to adopt Para policy for inclusion

§  OME not used for Para entries – must be done by hand

§  Idea is for consistency for Para athletes

·         Legislation at Convention dealing with Zones

o   Zones not an actual entity – hence Bylaws are inappropriate

o   Will need to set forth PROCEDURES

o   Zone officers will appoint a Task Force – to update Policies and Procedures with necessary elements from the current Bylaws

·         Voting (if needed)

o   CZ General Chairs will send voting email to Betty and JB; Athlete reps will also send voting email

§  Ballot (if needed) will be sent to the GC voting email and Athlete voting email

§  Betty and JB will receive ballots via email and count

§  4 votes per LSC non-athlete (may split vote); 1 vote per LSC athlete (athlete submits)

·         Athlete Meeting

o   Agreed that athletes would like a meeting immediately following the Zone meeting

o   Annie and Zach will create a flyer – will be sent to Zone athlete reps; need to copy Pam and Michael on all emails sent to athletes

o   Will set up separate Zoom meeting for athletes

·         Jay Chambers

o   Short introduction as the new Randy – says he is not Randy but will learn

o   Had been concentrating on performance; will now add governance to agenda

o   Here to serve the Central Zone LSCs

o   If trouble getting into Sunday meeting; email [email protected]

·         Miscellaneous

o   Pam will work on a meeting agenda

o   Fran asked questions re appointment of Assistant Officials Chair; recommendations can be made to Pam and Michael; it is a position appointed by the Zone Directors

o   Submit reports to Betty for posting – [email protected]

o   Questions from the ‘floor’ may be directed to chair or coordinators


·         Next meeting: CZ HOD meeting Sunday, September 27, 2020, 3:00 p.m. Via Zoom


·         Time: 7:30 p.m. CDT

·         Submitted by: Betty Kooy, CZ Secretary