Weekly Update 9-24-20

Weekly Update 9-24-20



Parents, please do not forget that if you are dropping off and/or picking up your swimmers from practices, you will need to wear a mask if you get out of your car for the whole time you are out of your car.  We need to be very conscious of setting the example for our swimmers so that we can continue to use the High School facility.  Because of the pandemic and state guidelines, even though you may be outside, we were granted access to use the school as long as our members followed wearing masks while we are on school property.  This also helps us protect all of our athletes, coaches, and families from potential contracting of COVID.  If you are one that isn’t comfortable wear a mask outdoors, please remain in your vehicle and pull up to the curb to wait for your swimmer to come out.  Let you swimmer know to look for your car and go directly to it.  If you have any questions about this policy, please see me at practices or shoot me an email.


Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • September 28th – New Parent Meeting at 5:30 outside the metal pool doors on the west side of the pool.  We ask that ALL new families send at least one parent or guardian to this meeting.  Returning families are welcome to attend as well!  The purpose of this meeting will be to introduce our coaches and Board of Directors as well as provide information regarding how to navigate our website, how to sign up for swim meets, general beginning of the swim season information and to answer any questions you may have.  As swimmers are required to wear masks when entering or exiting practices, we respectfully ask those attending this meeting to wear masks as well.
  • September 30th – Mock Intrasquad “Meet” – Please try to make sure your swimmer attends this practice.  We will use this day to take the swimmers through our new protocol for the upcoming Intrasquad so there is no confusion on what is expected of the swimmers once they arrive.  We will let everyone run an unofficial timed 50 Free so they know what to do before and after their races.  Our club referee will be in attendance so that the kids can hear the official sounds of running through an event.  Coaches will help all the swimmers get through this process as it is all new for us.
  • October 2nd – CPSC Age Group Intrasquad – There will be no practices this day, just the intrasquad.  Your swimmer MUST be signed up online on the events page in order to swim the meet.  Do NOT miss the deadline listed below as we will NOT put swimmers into the meet after the deadline or at the meet.  If swimmers are not signed up they will not be given access to the pool and will be sent home.  Any new parents that still have questions after the New Parent Meeting on September 28th, Coach John will help walk you through the sign up process.
  • October 5th – CPSC Picture Day – We will have Legends Photography coming to do INDIVIDUAL pictures only at 5:15 pm.  They will be using the individual pictures to put together a TEAM picture for us.  They will be sending me a link soon where you can pre-order packages and not have to do anything on the day of the pictures.
  • October 9th – We had originally had practices scheduled for this day, however, with where we are coordinating drop off’s and pick up’s right now, the CPHS Athletic Director has told us we cannot have practices this day due to the home football game.  So, enjoy an early start to your weekend!!

Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

  • CPSC AGE GROUP INTRASQUAD @ Crown Point HS on October 2nd
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, HAS BEEN MOVED TO Tuesday, September 29th
    • This meet is open to all of our 14 & under age group club swimmers as well as our Elite Non-HS who could not participate in the ELITE INTRASQUAD.
    • Once the deadline passes, no additions or deletions will be made…..please sign up as soon as it opens up if you intend on having your swimmer swim and DO NOT MISS the registration
    • REMEMBER…..this is going to be a preseeded meet.  To make sure that we can run this meet in a timely manner without having ANY open lanes, please do not sign up if you do not intend on swimming. 
  • VSC KICK OFF TO FALL INVITE @ Valparaiso HS on October 17th – 18th
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Wednesday, September 30th
    • As soon as I have the set up file from VSC, the sign ups will be opened.
    • This meet is open to all of our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, & Elite Non-HS swimmers and ENCOURAGED for all.
    • We are limited to 50 swimmers a session so this sign up will be a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.  The only sessions that this will affect is the 11 & Overs.  After we reach 50, 11 & Overs signed up then the sign up will be closed.
    • Once the deadline passes, no additions or deletions will be made…..please sign up now if you intend on having your swimmer swim and DO NOT MISS the registration
    • The meets on our schedule will be confirmed and announced as soon as we hear from the meet hosts.  Due to COVID concerns and the fluid situation of this pandemic, some meets on our schedule may not actually take place.



  • THIS WEEK….. Week of September 21st - 27th
    • Kristian Kirilov – 9/21 – 15 yrs old
    • Kailana Urbanek – 9/22 – 11 yrs old
    • Carly Kruit – 9/23 – 17 yrs old
    • Leilani Lyles – 9/26 – 10 yrs old
  • UPCOMING…… Week of September 28th – October 4th
    • Nicol Zunno – 10/4 – 14 yrs old
  • Week of October 5th – 11th
    •  Gabe Mason – 10/5 – 14 yrs old
    • Aubrie Bood – 10/10 – 9 yrs old


Miscellaneous Reminders:

  • PARENTS – We still seem to have some swimmers who continue to bring their phones out when they arrive at practices.  Please remember that CPSC has a no phone policy at both practices and at swim meets.  While we are patient in knowing that it takes time for kids to adjust to “disconnecting” themselves, we do need your help in reminding them to put their phone in their swim bags and leave them there OR, better yet, don’t bring them at all.   Phone Policy
  • ATHLETE CODE OF CONDUCT – We are still missing a few Code of Conducts!  Swimmers and parents need to read, sign, and turn in the Athlete Code Of Conduct to Coach John AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This is located on the Registration Forms tab on the website here….. Athlete Code of Conduct