Russ Hafferkamp publishes Covid Childrens Book!!

Russ Hafferkamp, CCU Coach and Board member, has published a children’s book on the Covid virus.

Fuzzy the Virus is a children's story of hope... with a happy ending! A fairy tale of such that helps us cope with really scary things. It is 48-page full-color book that is playfully drawn and a story that child psychologists believe helps children cope with their existential anxieties and dilemmas. (more info at

Available on Amazon for $9.99. Free shipping for Prime members!

If you want more than a few books for gifts, friends or family, contact Russ directly. He says the CCU Family discount is in play! ([email protected])


Support Russ and treat yourself to a cute, timely little story. Be sure to leave a review... it really helps! Wear masks and socially distance !!