Newsletter October 2020

Newsletter October 2020

Coach Chris’s Corner

I want to welcome everyone back for the 2020/2021 season. The Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club has existed for nearly 60 years but I’m still confident in saying this will be the most unusual season in all of those years. The last six months have proven the folly of trying to make predictions in the age of COVID but I thought I would try to at least outline what I “hope” could be an arc for this season.

To start with we’re obviously going to be staying within the confines of Prince Rupert. We will still create regular opportunities for competition. We’re planning to start with a joint time trial with Terrace in early November for the competitive half of the program. That will be followed shortly by an in-house mini-meet for the developmental groups. We’ll hold a series of those throughout the season. I’m hoping we can arrange another joint trial before Christmas but whether it’s in conjunction with another club or not, we will be getting some race results before we leave for Christmas break.

This might be wildly optimistic, but I’m hoping that in the new year we might be allowed to do some in-person meets with other clubs in the North. It’s hard to imagine full regional meets right away, but I can envision a series of Duel Meets. We can play with different formats and swimmer groupings but I think there’s a lot we can do that would be both safe and fun. The dream is that by next summer we might be able to travel outside the confines of the region. The provinces are still planning for summer Provincial Championships and we will hold out hope that those come to fruition.

We were away for too long. It’s been great just to be back in the water, but now I think it’s time to take the next step and get back to racing. Get back to working towards goals and looking ahead to what’s next. It might be a weird year but I think we’re still going to have a great season. Welcome back PRASC!



Team Gear

Let’s all give a rousing cheer for Signi Solmundson, who has spent the last 2 months ordering, receiving and organizing all that team gear that we needed this year (and she’s not done yet!)

Items are still arriving weekly, as our supplier has been back-ordered (it’s not just us; every swim club in Canada has had to order personal gear this year). As soon as your items arrive, we will pass them out to you at your next practice.

You can still order gear, both the required equipment and optional gear like swimsuits, parkas, backpacks and goggle.


  • Junior (Class 3 and lower) – Fins, Kickboard, Mesh Bag
  • Senior (Class 4 and up, Masters) – Fins, Kickboard, Mesh Bag, Pull Buoy, Paddles, Snorkel, Band


Team Gear Coordinator: Signi Solmundson

[email protected]  or 250-600-3387


Fundraising Opportunities 2020-21

Hi Everyone,

My name is Renée Pottle and I wanted to introduce myself as the new Fundraising Coordinator for the 2020 season.  I am a busy mom of 4 kids with my two oldest, Kasha in Class 3 and Oscar in Mini Rapids and I’ve seen how positive the swim club has been for them. I was happy to take on the fundraising coordinator role as I see the importance of fundraising and how essential it is for our club. If you have a fundraising idea or would like to get involved and be in charge of a fundraiser this season (extra levy credits), contact me anytime at [email protected] or (250) 600-6648. I’d be happy to discuss your ideas and answer any questions you might have.

These are the fundraisers we are going to be having this season so far;



Bingo---- Trudy Dolan (completed)



Christmas Purdy’s – Kerry Crump (Oct 1-Nov 15)

Clara Clark Sheets – Lisa Pirillo (Oct 18-Nov 12)

Raffle tickets (cash prizes) – Renee Pottle (Oct 31-Dec 19)

Tiber River – Sharon Trim (Nov 1-30)

Sandbags – Renee or Kevin Pottle (Nov 7)

Centennial Foods – Amy Wakelin (Nov 15-Dec 10)

Dieleman Gourmet Gifts – TBA


Look forward to a swimathon, wine survivor and more in the new year!


Fundraising Coordinator: Renée Pottle

[email protected]  or 250-600-6648



Swimmers of the Month – September-October 2020

Class 1:  Jonah Wilson is a brand new member of our swim club and he’s already a stand out. Listens well, ready to try his best, asks questions when he’s not sure what to do, this kid is gonna go far. Welcome to the Rapids, Jonah!

Class 1.5:  Noah Bomben is doing so well this year! He listens, he stays focused, he’s coachable (does his best to change his stroke when the coach points something out) and he’s improving with leaps and bounds. His starts especially are fluid and powerful with impressive streamlined dolphin kicks. I predict that Noah is going to have a great swimming year this season.

Class 2:  Aubrey Hughes has gotten off to a great start this year, showing up to practices ready to swim and really putting in an effort to stay focused. Her breaststroke has improved vastly, and she is usually spot on with remembering the set.  I appreciate that Aubrey is generous enough to remind other swimmers of what comes next (so long as she doesn’t let it distract her). Keep up the good work Aubrey, and you’re bound to have a productive season.

Class 3: Rachel Butt is new to our club this year, coming to us from Williams Lake. She’s bright and feisty and ready to go every single practice. It’s tough coming in to a new club where everybody already seems to know everyone else, and we have a different way of doing things, but Rachel is fitting right in. Welcome to the Rapids, Rachel, we’re glad to have you.

Class 4:  Ethan Laychuk has stepped up to plate this year, working super hard at everything his coach asks for, even when it hurts. And trust me, making that jump up to Class 4 with all of the increased training expectations hurts at times…especially on “Fly-days”. Ethan is a supportive team mate; encouraging his lane mates, even giving them swim caps from his massive stash (why DO you have so many caps, Ethan?) Keep up the hard work Ethan, it will pay off.

5/6:  Sharmonie Pedersen is our stand out senior swimmer this month. Hard working and focused, Sharmonie always puts in a great effort during practice. Our senior group tends to be a tough one to pick a Swimmer of the Month for, as they are all such a hardworking group of kids, but Shar edged to the top with a spectacular attendance record, making 23 practices so far since we first hit the water in September. It’s going to pay off later, whatever our racing season ends up looking like this year.

Masters:  Margaret Cavin has been a member of our Masters for quite a few years now. She’s consistently present at morning practices, year in and year out, as well as volunteering with the club’s fundraising efforts. People like Margaret quietly work behind the scenes to make sure the club runs the way it should, and do it so seamlessly that most of us never really even notice the effort that it takes (unless we have to do it ourselves, and then we REALLY appreciate it). Margaret started coming to evening practices last season for some stroke correction, proving that no matter how long you’ve been doing something you can always learn more, and change and improve, if you really want to and put in the effort. Congratulations Margaret (and yes, you get a hat).



Upcoming Events – we are working on this; stay tuned!

*Year End Awards 2019-20

We have NOT forgotten all your hard work from last season, and we WILL be announcing those “year end” awards, once we have an appropriate occasion/venue.

*Duel Meets

(nothing currently scheduled)

*Swim Meets

(nothing currently scheduled)

*Officials Clinic

(nothing currently scheduled)




Did you know we have a club website? Have you ever checked it out? This is a great place to look for information about what our club has been doing, schedules of upcoming swim meets and photos of our team doing what we do – swimming hard and having fun. This is where you look to find team records and contact information to order Team Gear.  You will also find our Swimmers of the Month here, a Coaches Corner with some (hopefully useful) tips and information, and past Newsletters.