Newsletter November 2020


Newsletter – November 2020

Coach Cheryl’s Corner

Well, we’ve been back in the water for two months now, and although it’s not quite “business as usual”, I’d say that as a club we are doing pretty dang well. I’d like every single one of you to take a moment and pat yourself on the back for being so adaptable, for embracing our new reality, and for continuing to be a dedicated athlete in these strange times that we are living through. Everyone from Minis to Masters is being so kind and cooperative about the Physical Distancing rules; keeping our spacing on deck, in the water, and in the public areas. When the rules changed on us abruptly one evening, every single swimmer showed up the following day wearing a mask. The lifeguards have told me that they truly appreciate our gracious cooperation.

Oddly, we have more swimmers in the water this year than in any other year that Chris has been coaching. There are more kids, more masters, and more new “mid level” swimmers than I’ve seen in my 6 years coaching. It’s heartwarming to look out and see that pool filled with enthusiastic faces.

Not that everything is perfect, of course. Uncertainty is probably the single most difficult thing for human beings to deal with. We try our best to be flexible, but I know from chatting with various swimmers that many of us are worried about what’s going to happen next. Will we be able to travel? To hold swim meets? Will the pool even be able to remain open? It’s impossible even to guess. What I do know is, I am profoundly grateful to be in Prince Rupert at this time, and to have team mates to swim with. Everything always seems to be better when we’re in the water.

Another uncertainty I must confess that until recently I had not even thought about is, how strange it must be as a parent to not be able to watch your child’s progress in the water.  I watch your children all the time! (They’re fantastic, by the way. Improving by leaps and bounds.) As we are still not really able to have spectators, I’m thinking of ways to share. I will try to update the photos on our website regularly. I was also asked about video, but I don’t have a good answer to that yet.  

In this Newsletter you’ll find updates and answers to some FAQ’s about Team Gear and Fundraising, and a note to those of you who are certified Officials to make sure you are up to date in your registration. We will be having our first “meet-like” activity soon; a Time Trial November 21 for our Class 4, 5, 6 swimmers. We’re hopeful that we will be able to do something similar with our younger swimmers sometime soon.




Upcoming Events

*Year End Awards 2019-20

We have NOT forgotten all your hard work from last season, and we WILL be announcing those “year end” awards. It’s looking more and more as if, in the interest of safety, these will be online/virtual announcements rather than a gathering. Stay tuned.


*Time Trials

Class 4, 5, 6 Time Trial – Prince Rupert; November 21, 2020

We will be holding a Time Trial for our senior swimmers next Saturday from 10:00 – 2:30 (subject to refinement). Sadly, we cannot accommodate any spectators at this time.


*Duel Meets

(nothing currently scheduled)

*Swim Meets

(nothing currently scheduled)


*Officials Clinic

Hopefully all our current club Officials have received an email from Gerard Dolan, and will have activated and updated their Swim Canada Officals account for 2020/21  *[This is a different account than the one you already logged in and updated as an athlete or athlete’s parent]. If you have not yet taken an officials course, you won’t have received this email.


Note from Gerard:


 Swim Canada [email protected] has sent, or should have sent, each official an email asking you to access your personal account with Swim Canada. It is very important that each official accesses their account and fills out a "consent form" acknowledging risk and responsibilities. This is a new form for this year (Covid related).


PRASC cannot sanction a meet unless the officials have updated their account. This is important as we have a scheduled time trial in a of couple weeks


Gerard has attached a guide to help you access your accounts and fill in the appropriate consent forms.


Please check junk and spam folders.


If you have not received an email from Swim Canada [email protected] please let Gerard know.


250-600-6699 or [email protected]



Team Gear

I'm happy to report that with the exception of a few items currently being shipped up here, our club's start-up equipment ordering is now complete. Here are a few things to take note of:

1) Equipment Charges: To limit the exchange of money during covid, we will be billing equipment charges to swimmer accounts over the next few days. If you have any questions or concerns about the charges, please let me know and I'll be happy to walk you through the details. Please note that we have added a small shipping fee to orders (a maximum of $5).  

2) Missing Equipment from Start-Up Orders: Because the equipment has to be distributed at the pool I have been keeping in touch with Chris and we think that most issues have been resolved. If you or your swimmer is missing anything, please let me know. 

3) Ongoing Equipment Needs: Now that the start-up orders are complete, I will continue to place orders as need arises. I also keep a small inventory of PRASC swim caps, goggles and suits, so feel free to reach out to me if you need anything and I'll help you get sorted out. 

The best way to reach me with equipment requests or enquiries is via email at [email protected] It is much easier to keep track of your needs if I receive an email so I have a record. 


  • Junior (Class 3 and lower) – Fins, Kickboard, Mesh Bag
  • Senior (Class 4 and up, Masters) – Fins, Kickboard, Mesh Bag, Pull Buoy, Paddles (Snorkel, Band)


Team Gear Coordinator: Signi Solmundson

[email protected]  or 250-600-3387



Fundraising FAQ’S

Since we have been getting a lot of inquiries around fundraising I wanted to send out some FAQ’s

  1. What is a fundraising levy and where do I find information about what my levy is?

A levy is an amount due to PRASC based on the class level of your swimmer. Levy’s are not charged if you fundraise enough to cover your levy. If you fundraise over the amount of your current levy, the overage will carry forward to future levy’s.

Levy amounts are listed below and also listed on the team unify website

15th ofDec/Mar/June

  • Mini Rapids         $117/$117/$117
  • Class 1                   $126/$125/$125
  • Class 1.5               $134/$134/$133
  • Class 2                   $163/$163/$163
  • Class 3                   $173/$173/$172
  • Class 4                   $183/$183/$183
  • Class 5                   $183/$183/$183
  • Class 6                   $194/$194/$193

This information is also available on the PRASC website

  1. Why do we have a fundraising levy?

Monies raised through fundraising helps PRASC keep their registration fees lower by contributing to the annual fees of the club such as pool fees, coaches wages, accounting, equipment, supplies, local meets and any other operating costs.


  1. Do I need to participate in every fundraiser? There are so many!

No. We offer various fundraisers to our members so that you can pick and chose which fundraisers you participate in. Not everyone enjoys selling items, physical labour, or cash raffles. We try and come up with several options in hopes it makes fundraising easier for our members. This allows members ample opportunity to achieve their levy.


  1. What other option do I have if I do not want to fundraise?

If you do not wish to participate in any fundraisers, you are able to payout your levy.


  1. How much will I earn with each fundraiser?

A dollar amount cannot be determined until we know the total revenue that was raised for the club per fundraiser. There is a calculation based off of that total. However, if you take the lead on a fundraiser, you automatically get a $50 levy credit as well as 2% of the net revenue for the club.


  1. What if I have an idea for a fundraiser?

We love new ideas. Contact the fundraising coordinator, Renee Pottle.


If you have any other questions or would like further clarification, contact the fundraising coordinator Renee Pottle at 250-600-6648 or [email protected].

Fundraising Opportunities 2020-21



Christmas Purdy’s – Kerry Crump (Oct 1-Nov 15)

Clara Clark Sheets – Lisa Pirillo (Oct 18-Nov 12)

Raffle tickets (cash prizes) – Renee Pottle (Oct 31-Dec 19)

Tiber River – Sharon Trim (Nov 1-30)

Sandbags – Renee or Kevin Pottle (Nov 7)

Centennial Foods – Amy Wakelin (Nov 15-Dec 10)

Dieleman Gourmet Gifts – Coral


Look forward to a swimathon, wine survivor and more in the new year!


Fundraising Coordinator: Renée Pottle

[email protected]  or 250-600-6648



Swimmers of the Month – November 2020

Class 1:  Tanner McIntyre moved up from Minis to Class 1 this year. He has great attendance, is very particular about having all his equipment with him, and listens well. We expect great things from Tanner.

Class 1.5:  Logan Dickens is new to the Rapids this year, and so far he has attended EVERY practice. What a great start to a swimming career; dedication and perfect attendance. His skills are improving accordingly, particularly his streamline (which is arguably the single most important aspect of swimming). Welcome to the Rapids, Logan.

Class 2:  Anna Stevens is another new Rapid this season who has gotten off to a great start this year, with near perfect attendance. She always shows up to practices ready to swim, and is rapidly acquiring good swimming technique. Joining the club as a Class 2 means that Anna has a lot of new drills and “swim club words” she has to absorb, but she’s up to the challenge. Great to have you, Anna.

Class 3: Marco Pomponio is a returning swimmer who has made great progress since beginning with the Rapids last season. He is embracing the more demanding training of Class 3, while balancing his swimming with hockey. Multisport athletes are always so coachable, and we encourage our swimmers to participate in a wide variety of activities. Despite the other demands on his time, Marco has great attendance, and good focus on his swimming.

Class 4:  Annie DeMille has had perfect attendance this month, within her practice schedule that includes swimming with Class 5 - 6 on Tuesdays. When you are willing to be dedicated, it’s possible to work around scheduling conflicts with other activities. Annie puts in an awful lot of effort each practice, not daunted at all that after FINALLY making her qualifying time last spring, the big meet she qualified for was cancelled due to Covid-19.

5/6:  Lauryn Fontaine is our Senior swimmer of the month. She balances sport, school and work; maintaining an excellent attendance record. She is always focused in practice, training smart as well as hard. Lauryn has been plagued by injuries, but has not let that deter her from doing the best she can, whatever that might be at any given time. She’s a quiet, steadying influence at that end of the pool, leading by example as to how to stay on task and make every minute count.

Masters:  Diana Hoffman joined our club last season. She is a self-taught swimmer, coming to us from the swim team that attends the 55+ Games each year. Like all our Master swimmers, Diana has to balance swimming with work and is a great example of making the best of the time you can squeeze out despite overlapping schedules. As a self-taught swimmer, there are all kinds of technical details to our racing strokes that are different from what she’s been used to, but Diana puts in a concerted effort to change old habits, and the result is strokes that are beginning to flow.





Did you know we have a club website? Have you ever checked it out? This is a great place to look for information about what our club has been doing, schedules of upcoming swim meets and photos of our team doing what we do – swimming hard and having fun. This is where you look to find team records and contact information to order Team Gear.  You will also find our Swimmers of the Month here, a Coaches Corner with some (hopefully useful) tips and information, and past Newsletters. If you are having trouble locating info, try either the “site map’ or perhaps a dropdown menu from a tab.