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11/18 Executive Order

I'm sure all of you are now abundantly aware of the new executive orders from Governor Beshear.  It is quite wide reaching for all of us.  As for how much it will affect the Sailfish...I will be speaking with the Clark County Health Department first thing in the morning. We will be fully compliant with their guidance.

Based on what I can see in the Herald-Leader's summation of the EO, it's not could be worse...but not great.  The sentence that most applies to us: 
"Gyms [including pools] will be reduced to 33 percent capacity and will not be allowed to host group classes. Indoor sporting events, including practices, will be canceled."
The website has not be updated with the newest offical EO document at the time of sending this email.

After speaking with CCHD, I'll get with the Sailfish Board and the Parks Director to shape up firmer plans for all our kids to stay in the water in some capacity, as College Park will be able to remain open. We'd all hate for them to lose the massive gains they've made over the last several months!