Private and semi- private swim lesson questions answered

Dear Swimmers and Parents, 


The Aquatics Department has been receiving many phone calls and emails about the private and semi private swim lessons that are being offered. My hope is this email will clear up all your questions you may have. 


  1. I am interested in doing private swim lessons - so what do I do


That is great! We are excited that you want to do private swim lessons.  We need you to fill out this  FORM .


This form tells us you are interested, how many lessons you are looking for, when you are available for us to work with you.  


If you are interested fill out the  FORM .


I am asking that you fill out the form by Sunday November 29th by  5 PM.  


  1. I filled out the form- now what?


Coach Darby has been watching for when we get new requests in the form. From there, Coach Darby updates her spreadsheet and her schedule for privates. 


I have seen-  Batchelor, Fischer, Govindarajan, Gunn, McKian, Palmer, Sekscinski


I need Hadcock and VanderGiessen to go in and fill on out. 


I will be contacting several of you for more information to help me set my final Schedule. 



  1. When are we going to start?


Coach Darby would like to be finalized by this Sunday, November 29, so we can start on Monday, November 30th. 


     The Schedule will be: 


     Monday- Thursday     5:00-8:30 pm  in 30 minute lessons

     Friday                       5:00-7:00 pm  in 30 minute lessons  (Y closes at 7) 


  1. We received the emails about the Black Friday Special - what does that mean? 


We are offering deals on privates and semi privates that you can take advantage of. To take advantage of the deal you must sign-up by Cyber Monday, November 30th. 


  1. When do I pay for the lessons?


Once we are all confirmed, it is preferred that you call the Front Desk with payment information.  If you are already in the center working out, simply stop by the front desk to make a payment.  If you have any vouchers on your account, please let the front desk staff know that you would like to use it towards this purchase.  

6.   I have paid and Coach Darby let me know when I am working with her- now what?

Once everything is said and done, you will come in on your day(s) that have been arranged with Coach Darby. You will be following a process similar to practice days. 


I. Come in and stop at the front desk. You scan in and get your temp taken. You will let the front desk know you are there for a private. They will give you a receipt for that day’s lesson. 


          II. You will then come through the family locker room to the pool deck. 


          III. You will give your receipt to Coach Darby at the beginning of your lesson.


          IV. Once your 30 minutes is done. You will leave the same way you came in. 


Reminders- you need to come in your swimsuit. You need your mask. You need any equipment you use with you. One parent will be allowed on the pool deck during the lesson, you must wear a mask and maintain social distancing.  Coach Darby will not be able to give you a lesson until the private swim lesson receipt is received before each lesson. 


I hope this helps clear up any confusion and questions you may have about the private and semi private swim lessons we are offering to swim team members. 


Please be patient with us as we are trying to accommodate as many of you as we can because we want to keep in the water swimming. 


Thank-you for your continued support of the Buehler YMCA and the Blue Marlins Swim Team. 



Coach Darby