Newsletter December 2019


Newsletter – December 2020

Coach Cheryl’s Corner

I find myself almost at a loss as to what to say in this newsletter. Change has been hitting the club Rapid-fire (haha), with the rules changing weekly if not daily. I’m going to try for a brief recap, knowing full well that whatever I say today may well be obsolete by tomorrow.

Our Class 4/5/6 Time Trial November 21 went very well. Almost every one of the swimmers who attended made at least one best time. It was great for the kids to see that they really are making progress. Unfortunately, due to the increased Covid restrictions, we are now unable to run any more time trials and so sadly the younger swimmers won’t get this same opportunity – at least not yet. Rest assured that when this changes, we will run more time trials. And one day, Duel Meets and then swim meets will also reappear.

Our Masters programme, along with all other organized sport for adults in BC, has been suspended indefinitely. That one really hurts; for those who don’t know me that well, I am not only a coach but also a Masters swimmer. However, this too shall pass. We made the most of our 12 weeks in the water, and I can’t wait to see you all safe and healthy and back in the water as soon as circumstances allow.

Due to the return to Phase 2 for youth sports, we have had to increase the physical distance between each swimmer both on deck and in the water. This is a unique challenge, and I am very proud (and you should be too) at the willingness and sense of humour with which our kids have risen to meet this challenge. It seems as though just as we’ve figured out how to work within the new restrictions, the rules change AGAIN, but those Rapids just keep showing up and swimming their hearts out. With the Masters out of the water, we decided to take advantage of that hour on MWF and split the Class 4,5,6 practices into two timeslots so that we have more room to swim. This helps somewhat, as this is a big group who all consistently attend practice. I contemplated trying to describe what we’re doing, but it is, quite frankly, too ridiculous for words. Suffice to say we must all remain at least 3m apart at all times, and let your imagination run wild as to how we are (and to my astonishment we ARE) accomplishing this.

A big thank you to all the parents who signed up in record time to do Covid Screening at the pool door each practice. It is very heartening to see how supportive you are of the club, and of your children.

We will be taking our usual Winter Break in a couple weeks, with only a very limited number of practices for the most senior swimmers during the week after Christmas (see schedule below).  We will (I hope!!!!) return to the pool Monday January  4, 2021.

I’d also like to note in passing how much it is appreciated that all our members are erring on the side of caution and staying home if they even THINK they might be sick. A couple kids have said to me that “yeah, my mom over-reacted and kept me home” but I made it very clear that being super cautious is EXACTLY what we want to be doing right now. Better to be safe rather than sorry. (Also, I have not had so much as a cold in MONTHS, and historically I catch EVERYTHING).

I’ll end with our new Rapids mantra; “at least we’re still swimming”.



Upcoming Events

*Winter Break

We will have our last pre-Christmas practice on Friday December 18th and we'll resume our regular schedule on Monday January 4th.


Classes 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and Mini Rapids

no practices during the time period Saturday December 19th to Sunday January 3rd.


Class 4:

Tuesday December 29th 3:00 (on deck) - 5:00

Wednesday December 30th 7:00 am (on deck) - 9:00

Saturday Jan 2nd normal Saturday time (10-12:30)


Class 5/6:

Tuesday December 29th 7:00 am (on deck) - 9:00

Wednesday December 30th 3:00 (on deck) - 5:00

Thursday December 31st 7:00 am (on deck) - 9:00

Saturday January 2nd normal Saturday time (10-12:30)


*Year End Awards 2019-20

The “Year End” awards from last season are most likely going to have to wait until 2021.


*Time Trials

Class 2/3 Time Trial – CANCELED

Sadly, due to the new Covid restrictions we are unable to hold a Time Trial at this time.


*Duel Meets

(nothing currently scheduled)

*Swim Meets

(nothing currently scheduled)


*Officials Clinic

Officials Coordinator: Gerard Dolan


[email protected] or 250-600-6699



Time Trial Highlights:


  1. Three for three best times: Heidi, Ethan. B, Lia, Gwen, Jakob, Josh, Peter, Ethan. L, Penelope, Chase, Iso and Magnus


  1. New Time Standards reached


  • Heidi: New ManSask AA times in 50 fly and 100 fly
  • Jakob: New ManSask AA times in 50 free and 50 breast
  • Peter: New ManSask A time in 50 fly
  • Chase: New ManSask A times in 50 free and 50 back
  • Iso: New ManSask A time in 50 free
  • Sharmonie: New ManSask A time in 100 breast
  • Thor: New ManSask A time in 50 back


  1. Biggest drop: Nadina took off 37.71 seconds in her 100 free (close second Lia dropped 37.10s in 50 fly)


  1. The records that could have been: Mags beat the 12 & boys team records in 50 fly and 100 back. But he turned 13 last month :(


  1. Best time percentage: The team combined on 67% best time


  1. 23 of the 26 kids got at least one best time


  1. Close but no cigar


  • Heidi: Missed the Swim BC Provincial time in 50 fly by 0.22
  • Alli: Missed a ManSask “A” time in the 50 free by 0.07
  • Mags: Missed the BC Provincial time in 50 fly by 0.47



Swimmers of the Month – December 2020

Class 1:  Ethan Malthus is our Class 1 swimmer this month. He is consistently at practice, tries hard, and listens well. Ethan is working on his streamline, and on swimming in a straight line. This is a challenging year, but he’s making good progress.

Class 1.5:  Scarlett Quast has been making great progress since moving up to Class 1.5. She’s the youngest swimmer in this group, but she does a great job of staying focused and on task. Scarlett is working hard on her kick, her streamline, and on her flip turns. Her biggest challenge at this point is the breast stroke kick. Keep up the hard work, Scarlett!

Class 2:  Holland Clouthier is another Rapid with great attendance. She works hard, not just at doing the set but at doing it well. She’s very coachable, recognizing when she is and is not attaining the desired result, which is a big step in learning to be an athlete. Her freestyle has improved a great deal this year, becoming more rhythmic and flowing, and she has the beginnings of a really nice breaststroke.

Class 3: Gwen de la Nuez is in the process of transitioning from Class 3 to Class 4, which is a huge increase in expectations for performance. Practices are longer and more demanding. I admire her perseverance, the way she never gives up. Gwen’s best stroke is the breaststroke, and in this she shines, showing her potential to be a powerful swimmer.

Class 4:  Alli Daniele is swimming well this year. She’s beginning to train with more sophistication, working on pacing, technique and balance. She’s coachable; able to pinpoint inefficiencies and make changes. Alli is a solid lane mate, able to read the clock and keep everybody on track. (A solid 10 out of 10, would recommend.)

5/6:  Heidi Bellis has been with the club for several years, and this year has taken on the challenge of swimming with the “big kids”. She has talent and personality, and when she puts the effort in great things happen. Heidi is a reluctant leader, but very capable when she puts her mind to it. And when she starts to race, watch out!

Masters:  Erin Mutrie joined our club last spring shortly before we were shut down for the season. She returned to swim with us in September, and has been making great progress.  She puts in a lot of effort, and is willing to ask for help and explanations. Erin is an accomplished athlete in other sports, which can sometimes translate into being too hard on yourself. You forget how long it takes to truly master a new skill, and then to refine it, but Erin is very coachable and the improvement in her swimming technique is striking. I look forward to watching her progress when the Masters return to the pool…or perhaps when she agrees with me that it is warm enough to swim Outside.



Team Gear

Team Gear Coordinator: Signi Solmundson

[email protected]  or 250-600-3387

I'm happy to report that with the exception of a few items currently being shipped up here, our club's start-up equipment ordering is now complete. Here are a few things to take note of:

1) Equipment Charges: To limit the exchange of money during covid, we will be billing equipment charges to swimmer accounts over the next few days. If you have any questions or concerns about the charges, please let me know and I'll be happy to walk you through the details. Please note that we have added a small shipping fee to orders (a maximum of $5).  

2) Missing Equipment from Start-Up Orders: Because the equipment has to be distributed at the pool I have been keeping in touch with Chris and we think that most issues have been resolved. If you or your swimmer is missing anything, please let me know. 

3) Ongoing Equipment Needs: Now that the start-up orders are complete, I will continue to place orders as need arises. I also keep a small inventory of PRASC swim caps, goggles and suits, so feel free to reach out to me if you need anything and I'll help you get sorted out. 

The best way to reach me with equipment requests or enquiries is via email at [email protected] It is much easier to keep track of your needs if I receive an email so I have a record. 


  • Junior (Class 3 and lower) – Fins, Kickboard, Mesh Bag
  • Senior (Class 4 and up, Masters) – Fins, Kickboard, Mesh Bag, Pull Buoy, Paddles (Snorkel, Band)




Fundraising Coordinator: Renée Pottle

[email protected]  or 250-600-6648

Fundraising Opportunities 2020-21



Raffle tickets (cash prizes) – Renee Pottle (Oct 31-Dec 19)

Centennial Foods – Amy Wakelin (Nov 15-Dec 10)

Dieleman Gourmet Gifts – Coral

Clara Clark Sheets – Lisa Pirillo (arriving Dec 10-16)


Look forward to a swimathon, wine survivor and more in the new year!



Did you know we have a club website? Have you ever checked it out? This is a great place to look for information about what our club has been doing, schedules of upcoming swim meets and photos of our team doing what we do – swimming hard and having fun. This is where you look to find team records and contact information to order Team Gear.  You will also find our Swimmers of the Month here, a Coaches Corner with some (hopefully useful) tips and information, and past Newsletters. If you are having trouble locating info, try either the “site map’ or perhaps a dropdown menu from a tab.