Strength and Athleticism Programs for Swimmers!

Fitter & Faster: Strength and Athleticism

Programs for Swimmers


Hello JCA Family,

Fitter & Faster is hosting Strength and Athleticism programs for swimmers. If you are interested check it out. 

Fitter & Faster clinicians range from elite athletes who attended college on scholarship; those who have won national championships; and those who competed and/or coached at the Olympics.

Fitter & Faster identifies the best swimmer/clinicians in the world. We are dedicated to their professional enrichment as teachers of elite competitive swimming… all to provide you with first-class swim camps every time.

Build strength with our Elite Clinicians.

This is the course for you if:

  1. You're not able to swim right now and are wanting to stay in shape!
  2. You want to build strength and athleticism to help you swim faster!


This online training program is designed specifically for swimmers to optimize their functional fitness and foundational strength.

  • Small groups via Zoom to allow for individual feedback on form, personalized modification, and encouragement from our Elite Clinicians.
  • Each class will focus on a key area of strength and skill specifically designed for swimmers.
  • Work with the same clinician or multiple clinicians to experience unique approaches! Your clinicians for these courses are expert strength and conditioning coaches to elite athletes and Olympians.
  • Receive one Zoom link for each set of 8 classes (or "Cycle") you sign up for. So, if you choose to workout with Atiba on Mondays and Wednesdays you will get just one Zoom link for his classes. If you also choose to sign up for Cierra on Tuesdays and Thursdays you will also get just one link for all of her classes!


Classes are limited to 12 participants.  There is a fee.

You can find out more information at: www.Fitter and Faster Swim Camp