Weekly Update 1-19-21

Weekly Update 1-19-21

So sorry for the delay in this long overdue update…. Happy New Year and welcome to 2021!!


  • This meet is an “all hands-on deck” request for volunteers.  We have been given the honor of hosting Indiana Swimming’s Northwest Divisional Championships.  With this honor, we do require that all families chip in to help with volunteering roles for this meet, so the same families aren’t doing all the work.
  • This meet is one of the meets that we request to host so that we can keep our training fees as low as they are.  As of last check, CPSC is one of the top three lowest in the state of Indiana for overall cost to participate.  While not all swimmers can participate in this meet due to having to achieve the meet’s time standards, we do ask that all families help us out so that we can continue to keep the fees as low as we do.
  • Please mark your calendar for the weekend of March 5-7, 2021 and contact Lindi Gubbins as soon as possible to inquire on what 2-3 sessions that you can help out with out of the 7 that will be offered.  You can email her at [email protected].


  • CPSC has decided to depart the Northwest Indiana Swim Conference to pursue other, more in-depth racing opportunities.
  • The rationale to depart was based on the number of opportunities to race for each swimmer at the critical end of the season.  As of now, the swimmers could swim up to 5 individual events/1 relay or 4 individual events/2 relays for the whole meet whereas a normal invitational will provide up to 12 race opportunities and 2 relays for the whole meet.
  • Because of this change to our schedule, we are looking to set up a season ending Dual/Tri Meet with some fast competition to give our swimmers one last opportunity to qualify for the Divisional or State Championships.  The meet will be used for and the last consideration for relay qualifications for swimmers for the Age Group State meet.  After this meet, the relays that are qualified will be set.  Any relay that isn’t qualified at that time will have the opportunity through time trials or Divisionals to add NEW relays.


  • We will be holding testing days for those swimmers who wish to move up to the Gold or Platinum groups.  Those testing days will be Tuesday, February 9th and Wednesday, February 17th.  Those will be the ONLY two days that testing is offered, no exceptions.
  • Swimmers who wish to be allowed to test up MUST have 65% attendance to be given the opportunity.  As I mentioned to the swimmers at our meeting last night, if they currently are not at 65% or better and wish to test, I would recommend that they not miss another practice between now and the two testing days.  With the number of practices left, anyone currently at 58% attendance or better will have enough practice opportunities to bump up their attendance to 65% by the time the testing days arrive, IF they attend every practice from here on out.
  • ALL Gold & Platinum swimmers MUST be in attendance on the testing days and MUST pass the tests for their current groups to be allowed to remain in their current groups.  Anyone that doesn’t attend those two days or does not pass the tests will automatically be moved down in training groups for the next season.  Swimmers will be allowed to test back up in groups if they meet the 65% attendance the following season.
  • There will be NO exceptions made to this policy.


Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • None scheduled as of this moment


Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

    • We are currently working on setting up a final meet for all swimmers on one of the last three weekends of February.  Families will be emailed once arrangements have been made.  Due to COVID concerns and the fluid situation of this pandemic, some meets on our schedule may not actually take place.



  • THIS MONTH…..January Birthday’s
    • Elite Group
      • Emma Bahr  – 1/3 – 17 yrs old
      • Ryan Kozlowski – 1/24 – 18 yrs old
      • Ruby Monroe – 1/29 – 16 yrs old
      • Bella Taylor – 1/30 – 16 yrs old
    • Platinum Group
      • Paetyn Biancotti – 1/17 – 12 yrs old
      • Faith Choi – 1/5 – 13 yrs old
      • Jenna Stout – 1/23 – 13 yrs old
      • William Tarin – 1/4 - 14 yrs old
    • Gold Group
      • Kayliyah Deshields – 1/8 – 12 yrs old
      • Eli Spasevski – 1/20 – 11 yrs old
      • Alex Tothfalusi – 1/27 – 11 yrs old
      • Kyle Tothfalusi – 1/27 – 11 yrs old
    • Silver Group
      • Isabella Gonzalez – 1/31 – 10 yrs old
      • Markos Gonzalez – 1/20 – 10 yrs old
      • Owen Mayhew – 1/14 – 10 yrs old
      • Chris Priestas – 1/5 – 11 yrs old
    • Bronze Group
      • None


  • LAST MONTHS BELATED ……. December Birthday’s
    • Elite Group
      • Morgan Hawkins – 12/5 – 17 yrs old
      • Eliza Nuet – 12/9 – 15 yrs old
      • Emma Smith – 12/7 – 18 yrs old
    • Platinum Group
      • None
    • Gold Group
      • Tiffany Walsh – 12/23 – 12 yrs old
      • Ian Whitmer – 12/23 – 12 yrs old
    • Silver Group
      • Leighton Frew – 12/25 – 10 yrs old
      • Andrew Hernandez – 12/3 – 9 yrs old
      • Paulina Paredes – 12/1 – 9 yrs old
      • Ellie Price-Blaylock – 12/20 – 10 yrs old
      • Brendan Severa – 12/7 – 14 yrs old
    • Bronze Group
      • Harrison Bahr – 12/31 – 8 yrs old
      • Coral Cosme – 12/14 – 6 yrs old
      • Jaxson Lagesse – 12/3 – 8 yrs old


  • REMINDER TO ALL ELITE GROUP PARENTS / SWIMMERS….any swimmer who is turning 18 is required by USA Swimming to complete the Athlete Protection Training course at the following link…  If any swimmer does not complete the course by the time they turn 18, subsequent meet results will not be submitted to USA Swims database and times from meets will not count.