MAC hosted dual meets

MAC Parents and Athletes,

We will start hosting our own dual meets again this February!  I am so excited to give our swimmers an opportunity to compete in our home pool!  These dual meets are great for every age and experience leve and are perfect for new and developing swimmers to swim in a familiar, comfortable environment and get their first taste of competition.  

PARTICIPATION IN THESE DUAL MEETS ARE MANDATORY!!  Any meet that we host is mandatory attendance.  If there are extraordinary circumstances that don't allow you to compete please let me know, otherwise everyone is expected to attend and compete.

USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION IS REQURED FOR SWIM MEETS.  You must have a current USA registration to participate in dual meets.  If you don't please take care of that ASAP.

HOSTING A MEET REQUIRES MANY VOLUNTEERS.  Spectators will not be allowed at these meets.  The only way to get in will be to volunteer.  We will require at least 19 volunteers in adittion to our officiating crew.  Volunteer positions are posted with each swim meet.  You can sign up the same way you register for a meet.

WE NEED MORE OFFICIALS!!  If you are a USA volunteer official, then your athlete can swim in swim meets for free!  If you are interested in learning more about volunteering and how to become a certified official please contact Mike Findlay.  [email protected]

Thank you!  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.