Spring Season Update

January 18, 2021 

We are continuing to dive deeper into planning for the Spring Swim Season. We wanted to share some of our plans with you and get your quick feedback. In order for LVST to adequately plan for this season, we would like to gauge your family’s interest in swimming this season. Below is a link to a short Google Survey questionnaire as well as some details we feel are important to share.

If there is going to be a Spring season:

--First and foremost, for the Marin Swim League (MSL), LVST and any pools where we swim, will be safety. Marin County Department of Health and Human Services Covid-19 mandates and guidelines, as far as outdoor swim, will all be followed. This may include but not be limited to:

-- Temperature checks upon arrival

-- Time in between groups for transitions

-- Mask wearing at all times when swimmer not in the water

-- Social distancing at all times whether on the pool deck or in the water

--There will likely be virtual rather than dual swim meets. There will also be less than ten teams swimming in the MSL this season due to pool access issues.


-- A reminder that the season will start no earlier than April 1. As soon as we have a definitive practice start date, you will be notified.


-- At this point, we are fairly certain that we will be starting the season in the same rented pools that we have used for the past two years. However, we are very hopeful that we can get into our home (LVHA) pool in the late Spring.


-- Practice times will still be in the afternoon/evening, but schedules will look different. We may be splitting kids up into groups with shorter practices, less days per week, limited number of swimmers per lane, all in order to accommodate getting all swimmers in the water safely.


-Given the safety restrictions that are anticipated, at this time, we do not plan to offer swim school this Spring. However, we are looking into offering a robust swim school in the Fall.


More details on all of the above will be shared as soon as we have firm decisions/insturction.

Thank you for your continued support and patience!