Game Changer! Welcome Champion's Mind Racer X newest sponsors!

Game Changer!

Welcome Champion's Mind Racer X newest sponsors!

About Champion’s Mind - A Training Plan for Mental Skills

Swimmers, parents, coaches we put the time, effort, and energy into practice.

What can we do to be faster?

Get your mind into it.

Giving an athlete feedback about their mindset is often taken more personally than feedback

about other areas of their performance. An athlete who runs a line poorly or who misses

too many shots is told to work on their skills. But an athlete who chokes under pressure is quickly written off as deficient and unreliable. That’s not good for the athlete and it’s not good for the team either. Instead, a proactive approach that reframes mental performance as a skill that can be worked on and improved is needed by all athletes to perform at their best.

The Champion’s Mind app solves all these problems. Developed by Dr Jim Afremow (SF Giants,

Arizona State) and based on almost 20 years of experience working with student, pro and

Olympic teams, Champion’s Mind ensures that each of your athletes

— Has access to a world class mental skills training program to complement other aspects

of their training.

— Has a well practiced toolbox of mental coping strategies for dealing with the high

stress, high performance environments they compete in.

— Builds confidence, mental toughness and a commitment to excellence in all areas of

their sport and life.

The Champion’s Mind motto is to “Think Gold - and Never Settle for Silver”. We look forward

to sharing it with your athletes and working with you to bring the same mental skills training

to your athletes that has led to over a dozen Olympic gold medals.

Every Racer X swimmer has the opportunity to use this app.

I will be able to see the progress your swimmer is making.

A $200 value.

It will change your swimmer!

Send me the email address for use of the app.