USA Swimming ADM Models

USA Swimming's American Development Model (ADM) is a great tool coaches can reference to create:

  • Long-term athlete development plans

  • Design practice group structure

  • Evaluate overall development and progress of your swimmers

Within the six levels of ADM, there are four critical athlete-centered outcomes: Competence, Character, Confidence and Connection.

Over the next four months, we will focus on understanding these four outcomes to increase our knowledge on ADM. This month we will focus on Competence.

Competence centers around sport specific skills, improved health and fitness as well as healthy training habits. Within the six levels of Competence, clubs and coaches have the ability to use physical, cognitive, dryland and nutrition to help improve athletes' knowledge and understanding.

To access the Competence, Charachter, and Confidence Progressions PDF, please click the link below.


Character Development