Spring Senior Sections - Feb 10 Update

For information on the following items which are current as of February 10 - please click HERE.  Remember to read carefully! 

  1. Phoenix, AZ * March 19-22: Team Site Assignments
  2. Entering the Meet: OME Dates
  3. Relays: NO Relay-Only Athletes * Team Entry Limits
  4. Time Trials
  5. Cross-Registration for the April Sectional Meet 
  6. Suspension of the Section Travel Reimbursement for Spring Meets 

* * * * * * * * * * 

Based on all available information, the Section Board, in conjunction with local host team(s), has created the following plan to host multiple Sectionals meets to accommodate both Four Corners and Region 12 athletes in Phoenix this March, and offer an April date at Dixie State in St George, Utah.  

In contrast to traditional years, the meets will not have identical formats, will not be the same size, will not offer the same number of finalists, and generally will be adapted to manage the number of athletes that can be accommodated on each respective weekend. 

As you read the information below, please understand, the volunteers who run the Section Board, and the teams that have collaborated to put this plan together, are working in good faith of all parties.  There may be situations that individual athletes or teams encounter that are different from what may normally be expected.  

Meet Capacity/Eligibility

#1) March 19-22, 3 site prelim, 1 site final Phoenix, AZ * 3.5 day format * details on attachment, below

·        Capacity 900 athletes
·        Approx 700 athletes indicated as priority 1 on survey

#2) March 25-28, 1 site prelim, 1 site final, Phoenix, AZ (FULL based on survey)

·        Capacity 300 athletes
·        Approx 300 athletes indicated as priority 1 on survey

#3) April 22-25, 1 site prelim, 1 site final, St George, UT

·        Capacity 600 athletes
·        Approx 175 athletes indicated as priority 1 on survey


·          Teams who completed the survey are listed in the attachment below with the survey information submitted. Teams are only eligible to attend ONE meet in March.

·   Teams who completed the survey but did not list a number for athletes (indicated in orange on the spreadsheet) must contact the meet host directly to confirm their number of athletes by Friday, February 5th or their team will be removed from that meet.

·          Teams who did NOT complete the survey must contact the meet host directly to add their team and number of athletes by Friday, February 5th. Teams may only be added to Meet Option #1 or #3 – Meet Option #2 is FULL.

Additional Option for Second Meet Attendance in April in Utah:

·          Teams who are able to attend a March meet will have the option of cross-registration for meet attendance in April in Utah

Additional information will be provided by February 10th regarding the registration process and the number of spaces available to both Four Corners and Region 12 teams who were able to attend a meet in Phoenix in March.