Swim-A-Thon Donation Platform is LIVE!

Parents, Athletes, Alumni, Family and Friends,

We are excited to announce the Swim-A-Thon donation portal is LIVE!!!!!  You can now start to collect donations from your family, friends and whoever else you can think of!  This is a great way to support our organization as we all move collectively forward.  Here are some FAQs to help you through the process

  • What even is the Swim-A-Thon?
    • The Swim-A-Thon is a biannual event held here at BAC with the aim of generating donations to help support our organizations mission.  Swimmers on the day of the event will come to practice and "go the distance" for their team.  Each squad will have a different format but the challenge will be to accomplish as many laps as possible in a given time.
  • When is the actual event taking place?
    • February 27th during your athletes practice time.  No need to sign up, just donate and show up!
  • How do we collect donations?
    • In the effort to be CoVid friendly, reduce contact and increase efficiency, it will all be done through the donation portal located on the homepage.  
    • Swimmers in the past have collected donations one of two ways
      • Flat rate donation
      • By lap donation
  • Are there incentives?
    • We all love a good incentive!  This year, we have created more than a few incentives both from BAC and the USA Swimming Foundation.  The BAC incentive structure works as follows,
      • Top earning Squad
      • Top earning Pod
      • Top earning athlete
      • 5, 24-hour fundraising challenges.
    • USA Swimming Foundation also has a structure based on total dollars raised.
  • I have more questions, who can I contact?

We are looking forward to a great go fundraise!