What Swimming Means to You During COVID-19

Dear CDST families:

COVID-19 brings us a huge change and challenge in the past year, and our life has been changed indefinitely. However, CDST is doing its best to provide swimming training or dryland training regardless of we have pool access or not in the past 11 months. Because we know that swimming is crucial to children's and teenagers' physical and mentally healthy, especially when we spend more and more time at home. We have been hearing feedback from many families that swimming positively impacts our athletes during this unprecedented time. The stories and experiences swimmers and parents share heartwarming and inspiring. In the coming months, we want our team news to have some shot essay from our swimmers describing what swimming means to you during COVID-19. 

The first short essay that we will present today is from Elite Group's Medha Raghuraman. She is currently 10th grade in Washington High School, and she has been with CDST since 2011. 

"Swimming is a hell of a sport. You get thrown in a tub of water when you’re five years old with the hopes you won’t drown, and before you know it, it has become your whole life. At least that’s how it was for me. The exhaustion from the end of practices, the disappointment when I just barely missed my goal, the euphoria when I beat my time. These feelings and experiences have all come together to form a piece of my identity. So when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I couldn’t swim for months, my life felt out of balance for a long time. I would constantly worry about how much slower I would be once practices started again, and everything I did seemed almost aimless. It was certainly a relief when online practices started. Seeing everyone dealing with the pandemic together made it so much more bearable. Once the swim camps began I felt as if a weight was lifted off my chest. Although the practices felt difficult, I finally had something to work towards. Being able to talk to everyone and sharing this experience with them meant a lot more to me than I thought. I have a hard time imagining what my life would have been like if had not joined this community. My teammates and coaches feel like a second family and I am truly grateful to have a place where I belong. "

If your swimmer wants to participate, please submit their short essay. This essay may be about any aspect of how swimming impacts their lives -- for example, how swimming helps them stay physically and/or mentally healthy, what their swim family means to them, how they stay positive facing the challenging practice and meet the situation. You may also send us a high-resolution picture of your swimmer, but this is optional.

Please email Coach Chen ([email protected]) with the following information:

Parent's name:
Swimmer's name:
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Swimmer's Short Essay: 
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We look forward to your submission!  Thank you so much for your attention and participation. Stay healthy and safe.