IMXtreme Challenge Results

Congratulations to all of the Age Group Performance Athletes who competed and completed the IMXtreme Challenge.  Below are your top three finishers ranked by their IMX score obtained at the meet

10 & Under Girls 

First Place Hailey Rushforth (she also had the highest score of all ages at the meet with 1703)

Second Place Sofia Karnaugh 

Third Place Sophia Ryan 

10&under Boys 

First Place Zachary Zhang 

Second Place Nathan Hsu

Third Place Jack Zwally 

11/12 Girls 

First Place Caroline Zhao 

Second Place Allie Krsmanovic 

Third Place Sarah Clevenger 

11/12 Boys 

First Place Matthew Pieres 

Second Place Phillip Youseff

Third Place Chris Benz

13&over Girls 

First Place Nora Viragos-Kis

Second Place Dominique Donaldson 

Three-way tie for Third Place Romi Kaushik - Raima Sengupta - Jia Khandagale 

Interested in learning more about the IMX?  Follow this LINK