New schedule starting March 1, 2021 - updated

Hello Neptune families,

Hope you all are doing well and starting to feel like there might be glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel we've been living in for the past year.  The city of Santa Rosa and the Santa Rosa School district have informed us recently they are trying very hard to get a high school swim season up and running by mid March.  

With the high school swim plan still moving forward and the fact that we will be losing our 2:30 - 5pm time slot at Ridgway, the city of Santa Rosa has granted us permission to start training with 4 kids in each lane (this is because you all have done such a good job following instructions and being safe with social distancing and wearing masks).  Due to the loss of pool time (even with the increase in kids per lane), we are not able to add more training groups to the schedule at this time.  

Click here to view the new practice which starts on Monday, March 1, 2021

The coaching staff is working hard on modifying our entry / exit procedures to accomodate the increase to 36 kids on the deck and in the pool.  Trust us - we will continue prioritizing safety of our athletes, coaches and families while we transition to a new schedule.  Please be patient with us as we might need to modify this schedule as things come up.  

We will commuicate more about the high school swim schedule as we learn more, like siwm meets, etc. 

Thanks for your support & GO NEPTUNES!!