Pool Status and Practice Update

RUSH Families,

Thank you for your patience as we sort out everything at the pool facilities. Overall we are in great shape! 

Good News: The pumps are running strong! No leaks!!! All of our pumps held up to the freeze so the pool is being cleaned and chemicals are running through properly! 

Bad News: The propane tank for our temporary heater is empty. Understandably, they were unable to deliver the propane last week and the tank ran out. So the pool is cold. Water temperature is around 60*. We are in contact with the propane service but do not know yet when the tank will be refilled. Once the tank is refilled it will take 1-2 days (all depending on outside temperature) to get the pool back up to a swimable temperature. 

AS OF RIGHT NOW WE ARE ON HOLD FOR ALL PRACTICES! I do not have a return to swim date yet since it is all dependent on the propane being delivered. We are checking the weather and the pool water temperature daily and will get the swimmers back into the water as soon as possible. I know that some of this news is disappointing but we are actually the lucky ones. Several teams in the area had their pool pumps bust with the freezing temperature! 

Thank you for your continuous support of the RUSH program!!! We could not be such a strong program without your amazing families!!! 

Thank you!
Coach Sam