Westfield Area YMCA Gets New Starting Blocks

Westfield Area YMCA Gets New Starting Blocks

The Westfield Area YMCA Devilfish are diving into championship season with brand new starting
blocks. A fundraising campaign that ran from February 24th to March 8th 2020 raised $7,500
from friends and family of the Devilfish swim team, with the remainder of the funding coming
from the Westfield Area YMCA and the Devilfish PAC (Parents Assistance Committee). While
the team had hoped to have these blocks in for the start of the 2020/2021 swim season, the
pandemic which shut everything down just days after the fundraiser ended, dampening those
plans. Once back up and running the PAC, along with the YMCA, worked to get the blocks ordered
and delivered as quickly as possible.

A huge thank you goes out to Head Coach Chris Cipolla and Lauren Youssef, President of the
PAC for helping to spear head this campaign, along with Clark Lagemann, Senior VP of Operations
and Greg Hatzisavvas. Senior Director Member Wellness and Engagement. In addition
our thanks also goes out to Chris Cipolla and Assistant Coach Jim Thomas, as well as the custodial
staff at the YMCA for working so quickly to get the blocks installed.

The new blocks are a huge added value for the team and it would not have been possible
without the PAC, the Westfield Area YMCA and most importantly the donations from friends
and family. Thank you so much to all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make
this happen. Finally, thank you to the Westfield Community for your continued support of the
YMCA and the Devilfish!