PDST Mar News-Monthly schedule, tips in the meet

Dear PDST members,

The meet is right at the corner!

Below is the news for the coming meet and month.

1.monthly schedule

I've updated the training schedule on the website monthly schedule bar. Please click the link to get the info:

The Yellow highlights are the updates from the previous schedule. 


2.Dryland cancellation

The dryland on Friday 2/26 is canceled.


3.Meet Tips

Please find the heat sheet, timeline, map, and procedures on the meet page:

1) Please notice the timeline is an estimated one. The actual timeline may be updated due to the procedures(there will be breaks during the session). Coach Leon will announce the updates through WeChat only. 

2) All swimmers please show up on time before the warm-up starts each session. Swimmers will follow clockwise moving during the competition. Parents, please help mark the heat and lane # on your swimmers' arms in advance.

3) All volunteers please arrive on time, check-in at the lobby area.

4) The head timer please host the timer meeting at the outside area of the West door, timers can not get into the facility until all swimmers finish warm-up.

5) Marshals at East door have multiple tasks: swimmers one heat in-out(6 swimmers each), two flippers keep consistent, announce the heat sheet, temperature check;

7) Marshals at Wast door: clean the chair behind diving blocks after each heat.

8) Marshal at the shallow pool: control the cooldown time(2 min only), masks check, social distance check.

9) Parents should follow all instructions of the Marshals, volunteer leader, and volunteer assistant. 

10) Any PDST Parents without authorization from the meet director are required not to attempt to access meet staff areas during the meets which PDST attends base on the meet rules during the whole 2020-2021 season. Parents who violated rules at the swim meet will be fined 10% for the whole season training fee. Any further serious violations of related rules will be reported to the whole team and may lead to the possible quested withdraw of PDST membership.

Best Regards,

Coach Leon