Dear SA Family,


Here's the latest on the pool construction/ renovations:


As many of you know, our beautiful pool, built in 1999, was planning to undergo a large renovation that involved totally draining the pool, removing the liner, and replacing it with a new liner, a five to six week project.  This has been in the planning stages for over two years.  


The City of Sanford and the contractor have agreed to postpone the project until November.  This will allow ALL of our groups to continue swimming through the busy Spring and Summer without any interruption.  We'll do the construction in the Fall, after the high school swimming season, and during the "slow" time of the year for us.


The new schedule would have the pool drained and under construction right around Thanksgiving, and reopening in the first week of January.  We'll make decisions on which groups will train at possible alternate sites as the Fall approaches.  


In the meantime, Myrtha Pools USA, the builder of the 2021 US Olympic Trials pools, and the manufacturer of the new liner we'll be getting, has generously offered to do a temporary repair to our liner that won't require any pool draining.  


So, that's the very latest.  I appreciate your patience with the back and forth throughout this process, and I want to also express my deepest thanks to Sanford Mayor Art Woodruff, the Sanford City Commission, and Lisa Jones and Jerry Sullivan in the Recreation Department for both their financial commitment to the project, as well as the steadfast support they've shown to all of the aquatics programs in Sanford.  We are truly fortunate to have people like this in our local government.


Tony Ackerson

Seminole Aquatics