2021 Killer Whales - early info on season plans

Killer Whales 2021 Swim & Dive Team information.

We are looking forward to another season although at this time, we’re planning on a COVID safe season very similar to last year.      Many details are still being worked, so stay tuned.      I'll update this news page with specifics if there's anything more to share before registration.

What to expect:

Assigned practices by name – 3 days a week M/W/F or T/Th/Sa.     Everyone must leave the pool before the session opens for club swimming.    Parents asked to wait outside.   Practice groups are determined by like skill level in order to keep lanes flowing without congestion to allow for distancing.

NO Minis due to contact limitations.         But if you can swim to other end (swimming) or go off dive board unassisted (diving) AND follow instructions including those for distancing, you may participate in Swim and/or Dive team.

All meets will be virtual (ie. we swim at home and score our results against another team who also swam at home).      We’ll likely break the meets into 2-3 sessions by age in order to keep numbers down.

The season will start in June and go thru mid July.    We’re still trying to figure out if/how championships.

We MAY need to limit participation – we expect our capacity to be about the same or a little higher than last year but TBD as we structure practice times during available pool time.

Coaches are current or former swimmer/divers including in College or HS and managed by team committee members.

Fees will be the same - $60 per child, $120/family max.

Signups will be announced thru the club newsletter and to past team families thru this site.