NTSI Personnel Changes
Dear NTSi Clubs and Members,
There have been some personnel changes in terms of NTV, SWIMS Representatives, and Sanctions.  Gloria Schuldt has stepped down as NTV, Sanctions Chair, and LSC SWIM Representative. Robin Magan has stepped down as LSC SWIMS Representatives.  We are very grateful for their many years of service to North Texas Swimming and serving our athletes.
I have appointed some board members as permanent replacements and other persons as interim replacements.  Please see the summary below: 
  • Kenneth Chung is now a NTSi LSC SWIMS Representative.  Robert Steffner has agreed to serve as interim NTSi NTV Chair and LSC SWIMS Representative.  My vision is to build a team of people that can support the number of swim meets we host in NT and the number of members we serve. 
  • Vi Nguyen will be a permanent NTSi Sanctions Chair.  Stephanie Minervini and Ted Carson have agreed to serve as interim Sanctions Chairs.  My vision is for each position to serve 2 Divisions and when one person is out or on vacation, there are 2 other sanction chairs to step in. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
Suzanne Dangelmaier
General Chair