Western Zone Inclusion Camp/Summit now 8/14

Swimmers! Coaches! and Parents!

The Western Zone DEI Camp and Summit will be held 8/14 and will be combined into a single one-day event. If you have already applied - there is no need to re-apply. If you would like to apply - please follow the links below.

Applications are due July 2nd and the LSC will select those attendees we will sponsor by July 16th.

The event will be virtual this year, via Zoom - and won't count against future eligibility to attend an in-person DEI camp.

NM LSC can "send" (sponsor/pay for) 4 athletes (plus 2 alternates in case plans fall through)

We will also be sponsoring two non-athlete volunteers.

Since the event is virtual this, anyone who wishes to attend but is not chosen for sponsorship by the LSC may pay their own way at $35 for Non-Athletes and $15 for Athletes.

For additional details or questions, please contact Doug Forbes (you can find his contact info on this web site under Admin and then Board).

See the original announcement here

Camp Application Link is here

Summit Application Link is here

Written by: Murray Kelley, NMS General Chair