Weekly News (March 8-14)

Hello to all Panther Swimmers,

Yeah…parents are now allowed back on campus to view athletics and activities. So, this is perfect timing for our palooza’s for this week.

Can’t wait to see some races this week!


Important Notes:


Volunteers are all set for today, but we need 2 for Thursday…and a couple more for the later dates:


To sign up, go to swim team website (see link at bottom of email)…click on “Meets and Events” at the top of the page…see the event you want to sign up for, then click on light blue button marked “job signup”. Then just click on the open box beside the job you want.

Very easy and so is the volunteering job.


Parent teacher interviews this week (practices stay the same):


Summer Swimming Sessions:


So far, we have 25 families expressing interest in the summer swimming sessions. We are hoping there are much more of you out there that will be interested so I am attaching the link to this email. This is not a registration, just a level of interest survey to make sure we have enough coaches. Please fill out this link if you are interested.

Here are the session dates and times:

Session 1 will be from June 14th to July 9th

Session 2 will be from July 12th to August 6th

All swim times will be starting at 9:00am


Meets to sign up for (email coaches if you are unsure about signing up):


  1. Spring Panther Palooza Jr. (10 and under swimmers) March 11th 2:45 pm
  2. “Girls v Boys” sprint meet (All ages) March 29th 3:00pm
  3. Long Distance Time Trials April 8th 3:30pm


See you on deck!


Coach Day,