Newsletters March 2021


MARCH 2021


"Gratitude is the mother of all virtues."

"Humility is not thinking less of one’s self.  It is thinking of one’s self less."

- Coaches Don and Ron Heidary
Last month was a chellenging one for all swimmers in Dynamo.
Swim School students work hard in learning the skills to mouve up to next Seal or joining Swim Team.Congratulations to all swim school swimmers that mouved up and joined the swim team !
We had time trials every day with  Swim Team so everyone had the chance to win a Champion Ribbon for best times in any event, Dynamo Swim Cap for swimming 4min in 200IM and Swim Suit for qualification for Divisional Provincial Champioship. 
Congratulations to all swimmers and coaches participating in this competition.
The results shawed lots of improvements in stroke technique , endurance and speed. 
All swimmers in the Team won a price and I am very proud of you !
Keep up the good work and set your goals for long course season after Spring Break ;15th -26th March.
There is no swimming during the Spring Break but you can keep up with your general fitness at home doing DryLand and running or walking outside every day for one hour.
Have a great Spring Break !
Lidia Menzies
Director of Swimming
When returning to the water after our national “COVID Taper” you might feel like you are swimming in mayonnaise. Fear not! You can ramp back up by approaching workouts as if you were selecting condiment flavors to make your meals match your appetite. Weeks One and Two of returning to the water are the Heinz Picnic Pack, ketchup, mayo, relish, and that’s it! Nothing too spicy; take it easy, work on the basics and find your stroke again. Hit the oldie goldie drills, dial in those locked out streamlines and work on your distance per stroke. Week Three of your return adds some Spicy Brown Mustard, now we are adding a bit of variety. The coach may break out the stopwatch for some pacing work. Breath control comes back into play, and you are still dialing in all those essentials you know and love (don’t you dare back off on that streamline!) Week Four gets some Sriracha, Cholula, or Texas Pete (pick your favorite). A few sets are back “on the watch” and we are hitting 85-90% effort. Strokes are dialed back in and you are crushing your dolphins off the wall (so much so you’re being referred to in practice as the “73/74 Super Bowl Champion). In Week Five we are starting to rummage back in the back of the cabinet. Reach into the back and pull out that dusty bottle of Cousin Willie’s Inferno Sauce that you got for Christmas one year as a goof. Coach has the watch in his hand constantly, music is pumping and the water is churning. This is what training is all about. Heart racing as you leave the wall, popping your push offs, and underwaters are a thing of beauty. You break out hard and there is nary a thought of breathing on the first stroke. Finish fast into the wall. Pop your head up breathless and wait for that time from the coach. Week Six... well, Week Six is where the “fun” begins (if you’re a coach anyway). This is the “Mad Dog 357 No.9 Plutonium” Week. 7,000,000+ Scoville Units here, and it’s time to set your heart ablaze with the love of the swim. You missed the water, you craved the drive and now it’s back. Workouts are so hard you can feel your heartbeat in your tongue. You feel like Rick DeMont chasing that sub 4-minute 400, or Katie Ledecky striving for that sub 15-minute 1500 (stay tuned). You feel weightless, the water is the perfect temp, you hit the water and.... The world becomes singular, focused. You are the pool.
Condiment Coaching Welcome back to the water, we missed you; Love, Swim Coaches Everywhere.