Spring Swim Team News!

Spring Swim Team NEWS!!!

Attached   PDF you will find the Group Placement, pricing and schedule for Spring swim team.  Spring sessions runs from April 5th till June 27th. (Break week filled will some make up practices will happen the week prior) We are excited about finally getting to the point where we can bring back group names of the team an no longer have numbered groups. If your swimmer's name is bolded your swimmer is moving up groups of the team for the Spring, Congratulations! Lane assignments will be written on the white board at the first practice. (For those moving up to C I will need a copy of your swimmers birth certificate for meets and you will need to purchase a front mounted snorkel for practice.) We do have a few spots open on the team particularly in our two developmental groups, Lil'Lochs and Juniors and will work to fill those spots over the next few weeks. There are some changes to the schedule most notably Group 4 has been split with the B boys combining with the B Girls and the C Boys combining with the C Girls. This helped us bring back more practice options and pool space to most every group of the team. Prices changed in some of those middle groups to reflect what we were able to offer. 

With these changes there were some Covid Protocol changes click PDF. We realized while off site that 3 per lane was doable with our B & C swimmers when 1 swimmers starts from under the flags. A, Juniors and Lil'Lochs will remain 2 per lane this Spring. Senior swimmers will move to 3 per lanes with 2 swimmers starting from one side on the wall and 1 swimmer on the other side alternating sides so no more than 9 swimmers on each wall at a time. With the plexiglass dividers in place and kids staying on their side of the lane we feel confident with this new set up. All other Covid protocols will remain the same. Also all swimmers were loaned fins and a kickboard, if your swimmer loses these items you will be responsible for replacing them. 

We are a currently hiring for a new Swim Coach and Aquatics Admin and hope we find a really good fit soon! This coach will work with our A, B & C swimmers as well as support our ever growing Senior group. 

As the weather changes for the better this spring we hope to bring our B & C Dryland back outside. We also plan to bring back Yoga for A & Senior Outside starting sometime after April Vacation. 

Lastly, the full meet schedule has not been posted just yet. We do plan to hold virtual meets particularly for our younger swimmers as well as attend some in person outside swim meets this spring and summer. We will soon start planning for our annual Fundraiser Swim A Thon and Banquet. We envision an outside Banquet / Picnic and Swim A Thon at our outside pool this June with food trucks etc. 

Looking forward to a  Fun & Fast Season!