ACAC Swimmers - BSC Season Finale


Atomic City Swimmers Race to Massive Improvements in BSC Season Finale


This past weekend, 19 ACAC Swimmers descended upon the Kingsport Aquatic Center to race their short course (25 yds) season finale.  As Covid cancellations and restrictions increased significantly through this past winter, many competition opportunities were either rescheduled or completely cancelled.  The BSC Wonderful One-Day Meet, for most ACAC swimmers, was their best opportunity to race so far in 2021, and WOW, what a showing! 


ACAC exploded with 19 swimmers leaving the meet with multiple best times!  Throughout the BSC Wonderful One-Day Meet, ACAC competed in 94 separate races, and 80% of those races resulted in best times! 


“It was really fun to watch the kids swim with confidence and urgency through the meet,” said Coach Kelsey Gandy. “We havn’t had the same opportunities to show our improvements this past year, so it was really fun to see the kids hit their target!”

The Atomic City Aquatic Club looks to solidify its summer long course meters competition schedule and progressively return to normalcy.  Please stay tuned for many ACAC updates on our teams progress!  GO ACAC!