Weekly News (March 15-22)

Hello to all Panther Swimmers,

Congratulations to all the Jr. swimmers how piled up the Personal Best (PBs) last week at our two in-house swim meets. It was so great to have the races taking place again. Great energy all the way around.

Hopefully the sr. swimmers will get their chance today after school. With no lightning in the forecast it looks good.

Please make sure you sign up for the next event at the end of the month on March 29th. It is an all ages event that is sure to be a big hit.


Important Notes:


What are Personal Best Swims(PBs) and why do we  want them to be so important to our swimmers?

If you see the big photo board at the 50m pool that is labeled “PB Champions” you will probably get that we put a huge amount of importance on these swimmer’s statistics…but do you know why?

The bottom line is that only one athlete can win a race or an event…so if that is where you put your importance ie. WINNING, then 99.9% of the swimmers will feel like they were not successful if they didn’t come in first. I have had Olympic coaches tell me that all they care about with their age group swimmers is that they show proof of continuous improvement. They want them to continue getting better or swim Personal Best races.

So, we celebrate improvement at every single race and event…and so should you! Make sure your swimmers know their best times and set goals around them. Put them on the fridge or the wall in their bedroom…have some fun with it. PB treats after a meet always taste the best!


Meets to sign up for (email coaches if you are unsure about signing up):


  1.  “Girls v Boys” sprint meet (All ages) March 29th 3:00pm
  2. Long Distance Time Trials April 8th 3:30pm


See you on deck!


Coach Day,