Coach Certification Update - CPR & Safety Training

This is a reminder for all coaches that your certifications must be current to be on deck at practices and on deck at meets. If you are not certain of your certification expiration dates, please log into your USA Swimming Deck Pass app. Coaches with expired certifications should not be on deck because this puts your club's insurance coverage at risk. 

USA Swimming has issued revised guidelines for coaches with expired CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches certifications. If you are not able to take a class due to Covid, you can apply for an extension. Extensions are not automatic! If you can take a class, please do so. These extensions are intended only for coaches who are not able to complete the requirements due to programming availability. Please see below for additional details.

CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches 

USA Swimming has a new approved vendor list for CPR and Safety training for Swim Coaches. They removed any vendors that do not do in person recertifications. The new list is posted on the USA Swimming and South Texas websites (click here).

CPR and In water safety training extensions:

CPR can be extended until 7/1/21 with an approved vendor online portion certificate. As of now the in person portion of the certification needs to be completed by that date. This is only for certifications that expired during COVID and is NOT an automatic extension. The certificate for the complete online portion must be emailed to the South Texas office ([email protected]).

The in person/in water portion of Safety Training for Swim Coaches certification has been extended until 7/1/21 if you have completed the online portion of the Safety Training for Swim Coaches course. This extension is NOT automatic and a valid online certificate needs to be emailed to the South Texas office ([email protected]).